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HVAC technician holding gauges nlkom1234/iStock

EGIA 'Cracking the Code' Weekly Show: The Importance of Diagnostic Testing

Technical data can increase the value of your services and create a win-win scenario.

Using technical data is a powerful tool for the contractor. Not only can it help you sell – and sell more – but it can increase the value for your homeowner, truly creating a win-win scenario.

In this week's episode of "Cracking the Code," New York Times bestselling author Weldon Long is joined once again by National Comfort Institute's David Holt, who discusses how using diagnostic data can make your job easier and more accurate, and reinforce the recommendations you need to make.

Plus, Weldon answers viewer questions on whether or not to practice price conditioning and more!

Watch it now at, before it enters the members-only archive on 7/27.


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