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unhappy homeowners salesperson DME Photography/iStock/Getty Images Plus
Angry couple rejecting offer and contract of real estate agent

EGIA’s Cracking the Code Weekly Show: Dealing with Suspicious Homeowners

Here's how to eliminate the wariness homeowners might feel about having an HVAC salesperson visit their home.

Homeowners can often feel suspicious when they welcome a salesperson into their home — after all, they're aware that a stranger may be about to ask them to spend a lot of money that wasn't in the budget planning. So how can you alleviate that wariness? 

This week, New York Times bestselling author Weldon Long tackles that very question, explaining how simply running your full sales presentation can help put the customer at ease and build the trust you need to continue the relationship. Plus, Weldon talks the importance of (and strategies for) proper pricing, and he welcomes Drew Cameron to explain adapting your sales process to millennials and other demographics.

All that and more, in this week's episode of EGIA’s Cracking the Code! Watch now at before it enters the members-only archive on February 1.

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