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EGIA’s 'Cracking the Code' Weekly Show: How to Sell to Millennials

You absolutely can adapt your sales process to reach and sell to the millennial customer.

Millennials. They’re almost looked at as an alien species, considering how many questions have been asked, papers have been written and videos have been recorded explaining (or wondering) how to market to, communicate with and just overall do business with them. So … how can we sell to them?

This week, Weldon Long taps his history of sales and the prevailing data on millennials to explain how you can adapt your sales process to cater to their interests and passions – starting with changing the “C” in the classic ABC’s of sales: it’s no longer “Always Be Closing.”

Plus, Drew Cameron joins the show to talk about recruiting, hiring and how to build the dream team that will give your company the leg up over its competition.

All that and more, on the latest episode of 'Cracking the Code!' Watch now at before it enters the EGIA members-only archive on January 11.


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