• EGIA Announces 2022-2023 "HVAC HERO" Scholarship Recipients

    March 31, 2023
    Diverse group of young men and women bring a high level of enthusiasm to their pursuit of HVACR careers.
    Egi Ascholarships

    19 Young Men & Women Join the Growing Class of HVAC HERO Scholarship Recipients

    Electric and Gas Industries Association (EGIA) has announced the "HVAC HERO" Scholarship recipients for the 2022-2023 academic year. This diverse group of young men and women bring a high level of enthusiasm and we look forward to seeing how they positively impact the industry throughout their careers.

    Click through this gallery to learn more about each scholarship recipient, and visit EGIAFoundation.org to learn more about the scholarship and access useful communications tools to help spread the word.        

    Photos courtesy of each recipient and EGIA.

    No photo was provided for Isaiah JacksonTexas State University Houston, TX. Jackson's comments follow:

    "I decided to go into the HVAC trade because it’s a high-demand job and in places like Texas, air conditioning is the number one priority in a household. After I graduate, I plan on working at a company that will help me continue building my skills so that eventually, I can own my own contracting business."