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Contractor HQ Allies with OPTIMUS Financing

May 14, 2024
OPTIMUS Financing is the all-in-one finance and leasing hub for the home services industry.

SACRAMENTO, CA, May 13, 2024 – Contractor HQ, renowned for delivering expert digital 
marketing services to small-to-medium sized contractors, has formed a strategic alliance with 
OPTIMUS Financing, the all-in-one finance and leasing hub for the home services industry. This 
partnership will empower growth-focused contractors by helping them create a strategic web 
presence and facilitating easy customer financing.

Through this new partnership, OPTIMUS will alleviate common challenges encountered by 
companies seeking customer financing solutions for HVAC or home repairs, allowing Contractor 
HQ’s clientele to expand their reach and escalate their deal closures. In turn, Contractor HQ will 
provide free website integration of financing options for contractors enrolled with OPTIMUS.

"Partnering with OPTIMUS Financing is a monumental step forward; it's a truly innovative 
solution that provides diverse financing alternatives for every type of project and customer 
credit situation into one simplified service," said David Bamber, Director of Contractor HQ. 
"OPTIMUS's exceptional approval rates, surpassing 90%, will enable our customers to overcome 
the hurdle of 'no' in financing discussions, move swiftly to 'yes,’ and fulfill more customer needs 
while increasing sales."

Offering easy and dependable customer financing is one of the largest overlooked 
opportunities in the contractor industry, equating to millions in untapped annual revenue. 
OPTIMUS provides a straightforward solution for contractors to present financing options 
during every call, with the proven ability to qualify nearly all customers through 'soft-pull' 
technology. The system can instantly identify the optimal lending choice, cutting out the 
requirement for multiple applications and hard credit inquiries, driving approval rates over 90% 
across the spectrum of customer credit levels, from prime all the way to lease.

"Enhancing the efficiency of financing presents an enormous potential for contractors to 
sustainably amplify their earnings without the need for additional investment in marketing or 
lead acquisition," noted Matthew Bratsis, VP of Contractor Services for EGIA and the creative 
force behind OPTIMUS Financing. "This partnership with Contractor HQ will expedite the 
seamless onboarding for contractors in need of wide-ranging financing solutions. It also aims to 
tackle one of their most prevalent marketing challenges—the development of a cohesive, 
compelling online presence—with access to Contractor HQ’s economical strategic marketing 

Beginning on [date placeholder], Contractor HQ will offer its clients complimentary initiation 
and training for the adoption of OPTIMUS Financing within their businesses. Concurrently, 
OPTIMUS clients will be privy to the industry-leading web design expertise of Contractor HQ 
from this date forward. To learn more about the OPTIMUS array of financing options, catering 
to each customer and every project, please visit

About OPTIMUS Financing
OPTIMUS is the exclusive finance platform of EGIA, which has facilitated financing for 250,000+ 
residential and business projects valued at over $8 billion. OPTIMUS is an all-in-one financing 
platform that features access to every payment plan for every customer in a single, one[1]application process – from prime and near-prime to sub-prime and leasing – resulting in approval rates over 90%. OPTIMUS leads the industry in consumer finance and lease-to-own connectivity with one-on-one support, and it offers in-depth contractor finance training, a finance call center for program related questions, ongoing sales consultations at no cost to the contractor, and free access to Contractor University’s industry-leading sales training content. To learn more about what OPTIMUS Financing has to offer and enrollment details, visit

About Contractor HQ
Contractor Headquarters (CHQ) specializes in crafting foundational marketing strategies that 
provide sustainable growth for businesses within the home services industry. Built on core 
values of transparency, reliability, and in-depth industry knowledge, CHQ ensures that our 
clients not only achieve visibility but maintain it through effective tracking and reporting. Our 
approach extends beyond mere lead generation; we focus on developing modern, mobile[1]friendly websites, implementing robust SEO practices, and providing detailed tracking and 
reporting. This methodical approach ensures our clients are well-prepared for both current 
demands and future growth. To learn more about how CHQ creates strategic marketing 
solutions for growth-minded, small-to-midsized contracting businesses, visit