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Service Nation Provides Advice to Members During Coronavirus Pandemic

March 18, 2020
Remain calm, but carry on. Service calls have declined, which requires carefully crafted messages to customers, including telling them about precautions you have taken.

Service Nation president Matt Michel issued the following statement to members on Friday, March 13, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic:

"To say the current environment is unprecedented is a monumental understatement. While the entire world seems to be panicking, I would like to urge you to be calm. It is okay to feel a little frightened, but it is not okay to reveal it. You are leaders of your teams, and your teams look to you for reassurance. So, take a deep breath and think through the situation.

"I am getting reports from contractors that call volumes are down worldwide. That makes marketing more incumbent, but marketing must be done with the right tone. People are scared, emotions are running high, and some may lash out if they perceive you are being opportunistic. Be service-oriented. Approach your marketing with a servant's heart. Be informative.

- Let people know you are open for business and available to service their homes when needed.

- Let your customers know about the steps you are taking to protect them and to protect your team.

- Prepare your team to enter people's homes safely. Glove up. Wipe down surfaces before and after working on them.

- If you offer IAQ products or water purification systems, state that you are offering them at pre-breakout pricing.

"Something to think about is the quarantined home. People in quarantined homes will need emergency repairs of their plumbing, air conditioning, and electrical systems. How are you going to handle it?

"My request to you: Please discuss these issues with each other on the various Service Roundtable discussion forums. Also, please share your content and content ideas for marketing, awareness, policies, announcements, and so on with Sarah Blackhall, our Creative Director ([email protected]) so she can share them with the entire Service Roundtable. She can share your content and our graphics team can turn your ideas into content. The best minds in the industry are in the Service Roundtable. If we work together, we will emerge from the present insanity in far better shape than if we all attempt to go it alone."