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Business Operation Suggestions by Haller Enterprises

March 20, 2020
Youtube video provides advice related to supply chains, team health, meetings and customer interaction.

Eddie McFarlane, director of training for Haller Enterprises, a residential and commercial HVAC company with five Pennsylvania locations, has recorded a Youtube video (below) of best practices in place at Haller, and offered as suggestions for other company teams. 

"If you're like me, you're probably on first-name terms with the CEO of every business you've ever come in contact with, in these unprecedented times," McFarlane says. "Hopefully your team is all wearing disposable gloves, all are singing 'Happy Birthday' twice while washing their hands, and keeping a good social distance. But what else can we do to elevate the customer experience and keep our team safe? We're all being challenged every day to balance the needs of our team, our customers, and ultimately run a business successfully."

Other practices and precautions in place at Haller include:

Supply Chain:

* Ensure a supply chain for gloves, sanitation materials.
• Touchless or low-contact deliveries of parts by runners
• Proactive conversations with vendors about supply chain disruptions


• Schedule Engine for touchless scheduling
• "Slack" collaboration and workplace tool and others like it.
• Google Meet for meetings. Discounted services are now available.


• Is everybody in your home healthy today?
• Has anyone traveled abroad lately? 

Field Safety:

• Disposable gloves and floor savers for shoes
• Wipe tablets, no signature required
• Clean all points of contact, before and after each call.
* Tool sanitizing process.

"It's up to us as leaders to lead bravely, thoughtfully, and most of all, keep everyone safe," McFarlane says.