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The September Issue

Ad Close: August 18 | Materials Due: August 21

2015 HVAC Woman of the Year
Our 2015 Woman of the Year is a leading advocate of women in small business. She showed a talent for business early, and started her first business while still in high school. Her background includes an education in human resource management, which has given her helpful insight into mentoring and motivating employees to be their best. She has owned two HVAC businesses, is currently the director of marketing and sales for another, and is the owner of an HVAC leasing business. Her story will inspire all, not just women, to do greater things with their most precious resource: time.

2015 Furnace Guide
Our Guide to High Efficiency Forced Air Furnaces includes a spec chart with some key product features for the newest model furnaces. This year, we’re expanding the guide to include expanded product information and commentary by industry OEMs.

Vehicle Roundup​
What are the top trucks and vans being used by HVAC contractors today? We asked the experts in both the contracting side and from the truck manufacturers side about their hottest and most effective wheels for contractors.

Service Clinic: Residential Heating
Preventive maintenance for residential heating systems. A top-tip approach that gives technicians a helpful guide to supplement their knowledge banks.

Tech Update
This month we provide information on the latest in trucks and accessories, including vans, pickup trucks, box trucks, and trailers. Also includes organizers and tool bins.