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Eliminate the Majority of Ductless Callbacks

Ductless split systems are gaining in popularity as an innovative solution for heating and cooling-and for good reason. Customers like them for their superb energy efficiency and their ability to deliver room-by-room comfort. Contractors like them because they are simpler to install, they are an ideal solution when ductwork is impractical, and they are a profitable addition to their product offering.

Installed properly, ductless systems have proven to be extremely reliable. When callbacks occur, the majority can be traced to two basic steps that were done improperly during the installation: Improper installation of the line set- either a bad flare, not using a torque wrench or using the torque wrench improperly; or improper wiring of the system.

Master these two skills and you will all but eliminate callbacks. Here’s a photo gallery from to illustrate key elements of a proper line set installation and proper system wiring.

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