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Five Easy Ways Contractors Can Work With Millennials

As a Millennial, I’ve heard all of the vitriol. We’re lazy, spacy, narcissistic, unmotivated, overly-concerned with ourselves, can’t keep a job, delusional and entitled. And judging by this previous sentence, we’re also long-winded when it comes to listing our generation’s possible faults.

But are any of these knocks true? And more importantly, does it matter? After all, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that by 2030, Millennials will be 75 percent of the workforce. With an aging contractor workforce, businesses will need to appeal to and hire this generation of workers.

To show this, the ManpowerGroup reported just last year that the skilled trades have the hardest time of any industry staffing with younger employees. A survey from RIDGID found that 6 percent of high school students hope to have a career in the skilled trades. However, appealing to this younger generation of employees will be necessary in the near future, if it isn’t already.

Here are five ways you can make hiring, working with and managing Millennials downright easy.

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