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Gallery: Save Time and Money on Fan Installations

Contractors have three hot buttons when it comes to installing fans: 

  1. Where can I save money? 
  2. Where can I save time? 
  3. How can I reduce problems after the equipment has been installed?

There is nothing worse than hearing “you are short on air because you installed it wrong”.

Saving time on the job site is critical in making a project successful. The old saying “time is money” is true. Contractors often look for the lowest fan bid, however, the bid does not always equate to the lowest installed cost.  Look for manufacturers that include timesaving features and accessories on their products that result in money savings for contractors. The contractor provides the equipment, the labor to install the fan, and all required components. If the equipment manufacturer can provide an option, accessory or feature already installed, the contractor’s overall cost will be reduced.

See 10 fan installation tips in the Photo Gallery that can save you time and money.

For more information, download Greenheck article “Save Time and Money on Fan Installations

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