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HVAC Accidents: Boiler Explosions

Pressure vessels, or boilers, are all aound us. They are used in our homes, schools, businesses, industrial, medical, and maufacturing facilities. They require service and maintenance to keep them safe. Mechanical systems contractors are the key to that safety.

When building owners and facilities managers cut corners with regard to maintenance, safety goes out the window and bad things can happen. These are just a few videos that show the sensationalism of a boiler explosion and several discuss the aftermath and learning from mistakes.

The important point here for both commercial and residential HVAC contractors, is to be properly trained in how to maintain pressure vessels, know the codes, and know what to do in case of emergencies.

It's in your customers' best interest that you sell them service agreements that require boiler inspections, annual or semi annual maintenance, and that your people are well trained and certified.



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