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HVAC Installations Gone Bad: The CB/HVAC-Talk 'Wall of Shame'

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Welcome to one of two new photo galleries you can expect to see regularly on "HVAC Installations Gone Bad." It shows work by disreputable HVAC contractors that the good guys have to come in and fix. Some show the result of long neglect. Many of these photos have long been a feature in our discussion forum, the largest discussion forum for the professional HVACR industry.

These photos serve to illustrate the importance of hiring professional, licensed, and certified HVAC contractors.

But we also want to highlight quality projects by your better colleagues, so we will be posting a regular, "Best HVAC Installations: The Wall of Pride," to show the great work posted on by some of the HVAC industry's best contractors. Watch for it soon!

Click on the links displayed with each photo caption to see the entire story and read comments from other contractors.

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