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UPDATE: The Most Influential People in the Residential HVAC Industry

UPDATE: Due to an overwhelming response to this collection of HVAC industry heroes, we've decided to update this gallery with a few more "influencers" whose actions and works outside the scope of their businesses positively changed this industry.  We've changed the title from The 22 Most Influential People in the HVACR Industry," to simply be "The Most Influential People in the HVACR Industry."

So who are these people and how did they make our list? Over the years, the editors of this magazine have traveled the country, visiting many contracting firms, manufacturers, and distributors, as well as the various trade associations. Besides writing stories and attending meetings, we see, firsthand, many people who work tirelessly on behalf of the entire industry.

The Most Influential People in the HVACR Industry
Some of the Most Influential People in the HVACR Industry

It was from these interactions that the Contracting Hall of Fame recognition for contractors was born. But we feel there is a need to recognize more than just contractors (though some are certainly included here). So we got together and, with the help of a number of our industry partners, came up with the following list of top “influencers” of this industry. Time or era in which they served was not considered — we looked at what they did and do, how they did and do it, and the impact of those efforts on the industry.

This list wasn’t easy to put together. But it is ours and we’re sticking to it. So here are Contracting magazine’s most influential people in the residential HVAC industry. Please enjoy and if there is someone you think should be added to this list, let us know. You can comment here or send us an email.

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