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Your Father's HVACR: The Sensational Sixties in HVACR Advertising

The 1960s were a time of great change, new music, turmoil, and expansion.

On the West Coast we had The Beach Boys; on the east coast, Bob Dylan. And then The Beatles touched down, and strummed their way across the land.

The cars in the 60s were great: big, and covered in chrome!

Socially and politically, the Vietnam war escalated from its beginnings in 1959, and became a tragic, mishandled mess that would cost 58,000 American lives. The war spurred on a peace movement, that usually involved demonstrations that were anything but peaceful.

And, we made it to the moon, fulfilling President Kennedy's pledge.

Through it all, people were developing better ways to stay warm and cool indoors; and air conditioning especially was making an impact across the USA. Residential HVAC became more accessible for more homeowners, and building owners were having rooftop systems installed on new and existing buildings.

In another installment honoring's 70th Anniversary, here's a new gallery of advertising, to go with our galleries of ads from the 1940s and 1950s.

Enjoy, man.

PS: Since we've received requests for PDFs of ads we ran earlier, below you will find PDF copies of the ads in this gallery. As they used to say on cereal boxes: "Collect 'em! Trade 'em with your friends!"


Reading Tube








General Electric



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