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When you're searching for the best product available or simply looking for something new to sell, how do you differentiate between the common and the best? HVACR Distribution Business has made it easier for you with our 2012 listing of STAR PRODUCTS. We invited the HVACR industry's top manufacturers to share one of their best products for 2012. Our STAR PRODUCTS places all these exciting items in one easy-to-read special section to help you make a better buying decision and to give you a glimpse of the best new products entering the market.


A. O. Smith Introduces the Voltex Hybrid Electric Water Heater

The Voltex operates in one of three modes. In “efficiency” mode, the water heater relies almost entirely on the heat pump. In “hybrid” mode, it switches back and forth between the heat pump and standard electric heating elements depending on the hot water demand. In “electric” mode, the Voltex operates like a standard electric water heater and is ENERGY STAR® rated.


LL Series chillers and outdoor mechanical rooms with R-134a variable capacity oil-free magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors have up to 19.4 EER and as low as 0.41 kW/ton IPLV for the compressors only, or up to 17.5 EER and as low as 0.49 kW/ton IPLV for the complete chiller system — including compressors, condenser pumps and evaporative-cooled condenser fans. The AAON packaged system doesn't require an additional cooling tower or cooling tower pumping. The packaged outdoor mechanical room design with walk-in service access allows the compressors, factory designed and engineered evaporative-cooled condenser, and factory designed and engineered water-pumping packages to reside outside the building.


Alan Manufacturing, Inc., through its nearly quarter century of existence, has designed over 1,000 different products including all standard HVAC dampers, related hardware, duct supports and zone control systems as well as specialized items that meet the needs of its customers.

If a special item is not in our catalog, we will utilize our ability to build the tooling to manufacture it for you because your success is our success!

Our company is a veteran-owned business that has been manufacturing high quality dampers for the HVAC industry since 1992. We have one facility with over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity. We serve customers from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Canada to Mexico. We can supply products manufactured in America by Americans.


The Amana® AMVM96 modulating gas furnace, with its self-calibrating, modulating gas valve and variable-speed blower, delivers precise heating performance in the harshest of winters, circulating air quietly and cost-effectively throughout the home, offering up to 96 percent AFUE.

Amana's modulating gas valve operates on a two-stage or single-stage thermostat and is compatible with the ComfortNet Communications System.


The AccuClean whole-home air filtration system from American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning removes up to 99.98% of allergens from the filtered air, and can reduce dust mites by keeping the air below 50% humidity, sources state.

AccuClean whole-home air filtration system highlights:

  • Catches particles down to .1 micron in size.

  • Eight times more effective than the best HEPA room appliance.

  • 100 times more effective than a standard one-inch throwaway filter or ionic-type room appliance.

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The Tez Speed System — recipient of The News 2010 DDA Gold Medal,'s 2010 Product Showcase Award and 2012 AHR Innovation Award Honorable Mention — rapidly evacuates ACR systems, removing moisture and contaminants that ruin refrigerants' ability to transfer heat and destroy system efficiency. Proper evacuation reduces service callbacks, improves ACR system longevity and ensures energy efficiency.

A revolutionary recirculating oil system continuously flushes the pump, removes contaminants and allows technicians to change the oil without stopping an evacuation — in only 5 seconds. In addition, the Tez Speed System features four vacuum hoses, two valve core removal tools and a full 1/2" bore manifold. Every component is tested and rated to 20 microns. When you have the need for speed… Appion delivers.


Armstrong Air has completed a series of upgrades to its line of heat pumps. Topping the list of enhancements is dual-fuel compatibility, which now extends to the entire Armstrong Air heat pump line. Dealers will find more dual-fuel matches at every capacity, including seven new matches for both the 13 SEER and 14 SEER models. Plus, each unit is compatible with a variety of other existing components, such as wall mount, soffit and high velocity air handlers.

New features designed to boost performance and simplify installation and service include:

  • 35 to 50 percent reduction in the number of braze joints reduces likelihood of a leak.

  • Optimized reversing valve and compressor match allows more reliable shifting.

  • No indoor Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) required on most applications.


Arzel announces its latest in comfort and efficiency technology with the GTPro, the industry's first zone control created specifically for geothermal applications. GTPro is an innovative zone control system designed to maximize the strengths and requirements of residential and light commercial geothermal systems.

The GTPro analyzes indoor and outdoor air temperatures, and monitors loop temperature and multi-point thermostat data to maximize service efficiency, operational control and comfort. By measuring loop temperature, the GTPro allows for more precise system monitoring to save time, money and energy.


Bosch Thermotechnology North America announces that the Bosch TA Series Geothermal heat pump has been awarded ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Designation for 2011.

The Bosch TA Series offers flexible installation applications including vertical, horizontal, counter flow and split system configurations from two to six tons. The unit's precision engineering and quality cabinet construction require less energy consumption while providing precise heating and cooling for many applications.

The TA Series is equipped with a proprietary heavy-gauge steel base pan that “floats” on a unique high density, visco-elastic material; this ensures minimum operational noise and peace of mind for the homeowner. All Bosch geothermal heat pumps are manufactured in ISO 9001:2008-certified facilities to provide consistent quality in every unit sold.


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Broan iQ Drive® Air Conditioner

Variable-speed cooling and ultra-high efficiency

The Broan iQ Drive® air conditioner utilizes variable-speed technology to achieve industry-leading cooling efficiency levels — up to 24.5 SEER. This efficiency is achieved through the use of inverter technology.

Inverter-driven rotary split systems such as the Broan iQ Drive run almost continuously to satisfy the cooling load. The unit constantly fine-tunes its speed — from 40 percent to 118 percent of capacity. This also makes the iQ Drive air conditioner very quiet, especially at night.

The Broan iQ Drive air conditioner was awarded the 2011 Most Efficient designation from ENERGY STAR® and rated a best buy by a leading consumer magazine.

The Broan brand of heating and cooling products is available exclusively through R.E. Michel Company. For more information, visit or


The Carrier® Infinity® 20 heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence was recently voted No. 1 in the category of forced-air cooling equipment at HVAC Comfortech 2011, a heating and cooling industry event.

The Carrier Infinity heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence has an HSPF efficiency rating up to 13. The new heat pump fluidly adjusts its output within a range of up to 40 to 100 percent of capacity to match the heating or cooling requirements of a home. This innovation was made possible by pairing the superior communication ability of Carrier Greenspeed intelligence with a Copeland Scroll® variable speed compressor from Emerson Climate Technologies, optimized specifically for this heat pump.


ClimateMaster® Tranquility 22 Digital Series

This unique, industry-changing product incorporates high-end features like a two-stage compressor, ENERGY STAR® tier 3 efficiency, variable speed fan, communicating digital controls and true “plug-and-play” functionality at a very competitive price point. It also has one of the industry's smallest footprints, making it suitable for installation in tight places.

We expect the uncapped 30% federal tax credit on residential geothermal systems, 10% on commercial systems, coupled with the ease of installation of the Tranquility 22 Digital systems to engage more residential/ light commercial HVAC dealers and make geothermal systems a much larger part of the HVAC industry.

Added to these features, the Tranquility 22 Digital comes with all the reliability features the ClimateMaster® Tranquility series is known for. Tranquility 22 Digital systems are available in vertical and horizontal configurations in capacities 024k, 030k,036k, 042k, 048k and 060k Btuh.

The Tranquility 22 Digital Series is a Gold Winner of the ACHR News 2011 Dealer Design Award in the HVAC High Efficiency Residential Equipment category.


Emerson X-Check is a mobile application for iPhone, Droid and Blackberry mobile devices that provides on-the-go access to Emerson's online valves, controls and system protectors cross-reference database. The X-Check app allows users to pull up information based on manufacturer, product type and model number to locate the corresponding Emerson product. The X-Check database is offline so the user can still check for replacement even when Internet access is not available.

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Model UT-3000 Communicating Zone Panel

The UT-3000 is the only communicating zone system available on the market today built on the robust ClimateTalk open protocol. EWC Controls has built a truly innovative, plug-n-play 4-wire communicating zone system for any application. The UT-3000's design allows the zoning system to “talk” to the equipment and thermostats to reduce labor time and optimize performance. Imagine a 4-wire connection to control a 4-stage heat and 2-stage cool system with no programming and no dip switches. All components on the EWC network will communicate with each other (auto-configure) and know what to do and when to do it. Installing a zone system has never been this easy.

The highly advanced UT-3000 is compatible with all communicating HVAC systems that are built on the ClimateTalk open protocol. The UT-3000, 3-zone system will also work with non-communicating 2 heat/1 cool or 1 heat/1 cool systems. This hybrid design allows for maximum flexibility with one zone panel.


Frigidaire iQ Drive® Heat Pump

ENERGY STAR® 2011 most efficient heat pump.

Achieving up to 22 SEER, 10 HSPF and 14.6 EER, the Frigidaire iQ Drive® heat pump uses inverter-driven rotary technology to modulate from 40 percent to 118 percent of capacity, instantly adjusting to exactly offset the demands on the home. While traditional air-source heat pumps cycle on and off, the iQ Drive runs almost constantly at a low level and operates as quietly as 59 decibels.

The Frigidaire 22 SEER FT4BI iQ Drive heat pump received the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient designation in 2011 for 2, 3 and 4 ton capacities. This model is also rated a best buy by a leading consumer magazine. For more information, visit or


The new Goodman® brand ductless MS 20 mini-splits with inverter technology bring high-efficiency heating and cooling to challenging spaces. With up to 20 SEER performance, the Goodman Mini-Splits are as effective as residential heat pumps or split AC units, and are economical to install. A single 3½-in. wall opening connects the outdoor and indoor units.

Goodman's advanced 180 degree sine wave DC inverter technology in a brushless compressor reduces temperature fluctuations and sound. An inverter allows the mini-split to continuously regulate the thermal transfer refrigerant flow by altering the compressor speed in response to heating and cooling. This eliminates the stop-start cycles of some non-inverter compressors, which helps to increase the efficiency and life of the compressor.


Where is your fleet? Vehicle Track 3 just $265.00

  • Real time tracking.

  • Digital and satellite maps.

  • Monitor routes.

  • Activity reports.

  • Relocation alarm.

  • Ignition disable, PTO.

No contract, no hidden fees. Call now for a free demo 800/477-9765,

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The SMART EAC electronic air cleaner by Hart & Cooley, Inc. is MERV 16 equivalent with the ability to generate 24,000 volts DC of cleaning power to remove up to 99% of respirable particles from a home's air.

The SMART EAC operates at a low static pressure and has high dust loading potential. This optimizes airflow and can increase blower efficiency. According to company sources, this is the only product of its kind that offers high efficiency filtration without the traditional tradeoffs, such as arcing, ozone generation and high maintenance.

The SMART EAC is available in a filter grille mount design with 22 sizes, a furnace mount design with cabinet for new installations, and a retrofit track for installations into existing cabinets.


WEB Comfort Cost-saving Thermostat System

WEB Comfort is an easy-to-install system that enables multiple thermostats to be wirelessly networked throughout a building. The easy-to-use, online dashboard monitors and controls all thermostats. Contractors can easily retrofit standalone DDC systems at half the cost without expensive factory commissioning — ideal for local government, churches, schools and retailers. Listen to our customers: “…Energy savings of about $750.00 per month since we have installed the WEB Comfort system,” Micah Langmaack, Northside Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN; “Using the WEB Comfort system…we have literally shaved 25% off of our utility bills,” Evan Weiner, Saxon Shoes, Henrico, VA; and “The WEB Comfort system is an easy system to use. Once it is set up, you can leave it alone…,” Burney Demaine, contractor, Comfort Air Conditioning, Pine Bluff, AR.


JB Industries introduces the latest addition to our manifold family, the REVOLVER, an all-ball valve manifold. This sturdy brass four-valve manifold features four internal ball valves that adjust to do finite openings. These finite openings allow liquid charging without the need for an adapter. The handles have gradients to help you adjust the flow you need within the quarter turn to full open/close. The full 3/8" bore and full 3/8" port let you work quickly and efficiently. The 3-1/8" metal gauges glow-in-the-dark to aid in dimly lit applications. The hose holders swivel to the front or the rear of the manifold for greater flexibility. As always, the REVOLVER is made in the USA.


Lazco Corp. BUYS and SELLS surplus HVACR equipment, chillers, cooling towers, rooftops, boilers, generators and Leibert A/C units. We will quote any project worldwide. Turn your surplus inventory or used equipment into cash… Why delay? Contact Steve Lazar at 619/840-0004, [email protected],


Three new Luxaire Acclimate central dehumidifiers join the line of indoor air quality (IAQ) products from the Luxaire brand of Johnson Controls. According to company sources, the 65-, 90- and 135-pint models are designed to remove excess moisture from the air and improve comfort levels in homes.

The smallest model, with a capacity of 65 pints of moisture per day, is specifically designed for condominium complexes and applications where space is limited. However, the unit can also be used in homes as large as 3,600-sq.-ft., depending on the geographic location and energy-efficient construction of the home.

The 90-pint model, which can accommodate homes up to 5,000-sq.-ft., incorporates built-in ventilation technology and fan-cycling features to provide better circulation and mixing of the dehumidified air throughout the home.

With a capacity of 135 pints, the largest model is designed for homes up to 7,400 sq.-ft.

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Maytag® iQ Drive Air Conditioner Awarded ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Designation in 2011

The Maytag® iQ Drive air conditioner received the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient designation in 2011 for 2, 3 and 4 ton capacities. Rated at up to 24.5 SEER, the Maytag® iQ Drive air conditioner is 88 percent more efficient than a standard air conditioning system and is so quiet, it's hard to tell if it's running. The Maytag® iQ Drive air conditioner uses inverter-driven rotary technology to achieve high efficiency levels. The unit can modulate from 40 percent to 118 percent of capacity, instantly adjusting to exactly offset the demands on the home.

The Maytag® iQ Drive air conditioner is also rated a best buy by a leading consumer magazine. To learn more, visit or


Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating adds the MUZ-FE09 outdoor unit to its Hyper-Heat (H2i®) product line of M-Series ENERGY STAR®-rated systems. The units are ENERGY STAR® and tax credit qualified. They provide up to 26 SEER and 10 HSPF rated Btuh capacities of 9,000. These systems provide heating down to minus 13F outdoor ambient temperature and produce 100 percent capacity at ambient temperatures as low as 5F.

Mitsubishi Electric has also made significant updates to its commercial R2-series outdoor units, offering end users increased heating capacities and energy efficiency and the most advanced VRF technology available. The R2-Series is available in 208/230 volt, 3-phase or 460 volt, 3-phase units and has an outdoor temperature range of -4F to 60F when heating and 23F to 115F when cooling, which is an increase from the previous models and offers larger system design capabilities to the series.


Atherion, Modine's New 15- to 30-Ton Commercial Packaged Ventilation System with Optional Energy Recovery

Designed for ease of installation, energy efficiency and durability, the Atherion provides customers with a state-of-the-art solution for their dehumidification and ventilation needs.

  • Meets latest ASHRAE 90.1 and 62.1 standards for efficiency and indoor air quality.

  • Best-in-class MERV 16 filtration.

  • Industry-leading high efficiency gas heating option with Conservicore Technology.

  • Integrates Modine's PF microchannel condenser technology.

  • The latest in cooling technology and factory-installed microprocessor controls.

And by including our advanced Energy Recovery Ventilation option, your system becomes a high efficiency 100% dedicated outside air unit. In addition, the Atherion will soon be available with an additional 90% efficient furnace. Both options could potentially save you thousands in annual energy costs.


OEM replacement parts at Neuco

Neuco now offers replacement parts for a wide variety of OEM lines! They specialize in determining the exact part you require, so don't hesitate to ask the Neuco sales team for guidance.

Some of the OEM lines Neuco can handle include: A. O. Smith, Aaon, Amana/Goodman, Armstrong Furnace, Detroit Radiator, Heat Controller, ICP, Lennox, Lochinvar, McQuay, Nordyne, Raypak, Reznor, Rheem, Teledyne Laars, Trane, Weil McLain and York.

Simply contact the Neuco sales team at 800/323-7394 for additional information. Also, an OEM List is available at

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NuTone Hybrid Packaged Unit Offers Two Fuel Sources

Efficiency, comfort and genuine value for today's homeowner

The NuTone iHybrid packaged system combines the electric heating and cooling convenience of a heat pump with a gas-heat furnace, making it a popular choice with homeowners who would like to go green. The iHybrid achieves up to 15 SEER, 80% AFUE and 8.0 HSPF.

The popular dual-fuel unit operates at lower capacity during mild temperatures and at full capacity during harsher ones, reducing electrical consumption by almost 80 percent over conventional products. Four-stage heating and two-stage cooling with a variable-speed blower provides better comfort and performs more quietly than single-stage units.

The NuTone iHybrid is available in 2 to 5 ton capacities. For more information, visit NuTone heating and cooling products are available exclusively at Noland and selected Winair and Winnelson locations.


Olsen BMLV

Olsen offers affordable, all-season comfort. The Olsen BMLV (Variable Speed) Lowboy Rear Breech Oil Furnace features up to 85% AFUE and is available in four capacities ranging from 59,500 to 99,000 BTUs. The BMLV has an ECM direct drive, variable speed blower for the best in comfort and efficiency and is air conditioning ready — up to 3 tons with an Olsen GSX 13 SEER Condenser and Olsen CE 13 SEER Coil. Visit today!


The New Raypak VERSA IC
Boiler Control

The new Raypak VERSA IC fully integrated boiler control is a giant leap beyond currently available control platforms, typical of the Raypak leadership in boiler management control systems. Modulating, or stage-fire, the VERSA IC integrates temperature control, ignition, safety, cold water protection and individual fault monitoring. The VERSA IC is field upgradable, and includes a Modbus communications port standard for continuous remote supervision, trending and troubleshooting. The cutting-edge VERSA IC control platform will be phased into all Raypak domestic hot water and hydronic products during 2012, starting with the Raypak XFyre. Visit Raypak at AHR, Booth 5327, or contact


Remtec International's Refrigerant Buyback and Recovery Program

We want your used refrigerants!

Our “No Hassle” program designed around the specific needs of the wholesale refrigerant industry provides you with a profitable way to dispose of your used refrigerants.

  • Pick up within 24 hours from anywhere in the country.
  • Top dollar for 99.5%.
  • Credit for R-22 as low as 90% purity.
  • Free disposal of mixed and unusable refrigerants.
  • Easy cylinder exchange program and Bulk Recovery.
  • We take care of the freight.
  • Complete paper trail for EPA recordkeeping.

Contact Patti Ellingson, director of wholesale distribution, at 419/575-9490 or [email protected] for more information.

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The Rheem XR90 Extreme Recovery Gas Water Heater

The recently launched 29-gallon Rheem XR90 Extreme Recovery Gas Water Heater delivers more hot water, faster and more efficiently than a standard, 50-gallon gas water heater. The Rheem XR90 costs approximately 17 percent less to operate annually: only $261 versus $315 per year for a standard 50-gallon gas model. What's more, it has a first hour rating (FHR) of 90 gallons — meaning homeowners get three times the amount of hot water in an hour than what the tank actually holds. Once the Rheem XR90 has been depleted of its available hot water, the unit can be ready with 90 gallons of available hot water in only 29 minutes. The Rheem XR90 received the AHR Innovation Award in the plumbing category for the 2012 show.

The Rheem H2AC Packaged Rooftop Unit with eSync Integration Technology

Designed for full-service restaurants, the first-of-its kind Rheem H2AC Packaged Rooftop Unit with eSync Integration Technology delivers air conditioning and water heating from a single source. The system works by taking the heat removed from the HVAC system — which would normally be rejected into the atmosphere — and uses it to heat water. Specifically, the unit switches from a refrigerant-to-air system, to a refrigerant-to-water system, when a restaurant has demand for air conditioning and hot water. In a six-month pilot period, a Western Sizzlin buffet restaurant in Northwest Arkansas saved more than $2,300 on its gas utility bills as a result of installing the new Rheem integrated air and water solution.


The Yellow Jacket® AccuProbe UV leak detector, by Ritchie Engineering, uses heated sensors or UV technology (or both at the same time) to detect HFC, HCFC and CFC refrigerants, including SNAP-approved hydrocarbon blends. The Accu-Probe UV features low, normal and high sensitivity levels with visual and audible signals, and a UV light at the tip, which allows technicians to see dye in a system. The audible alert, which can also be muted, increases in frequency and duration as concentration increases.


RSES creates a win-win rela-tionship and makes high-margin product lines available to wholesalers and distributors as an additional revenue stream. Specifically, preparing for the NATE exam is a series of training manuals designed to give HVACR technicians and installers the tools they need to master the key concepts required to pass the NATE certification examinations. Titles currently available in the series include: Core Essentials; Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps; Gas and Oil Heating; and Air Distribution. Electronic books for these titles are also available. Additional titles in commercial refrigeration and hydronics will be offered next year. Enhance your training product offerings today! For more information, contact RSES at 800/297-5660 or [email protected].

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The RuudUltra Series UASL-JEC Condensing Unit

The Ruud Ultra Series UASL-JEC Condensing Unit is the brand's most efficient air conditioning offering to date. This condensing unit achieves efficiencies up to 19.5 SEER and 14 EER. It also features communicating technology, and offers the advanced Comfort Control2 System (CC2S) as a standard feature. Pioneered by Rheem, CC2S provides 28 on-board diagnostic and fault history codes by detecting system and electrical problems. The Ruud Ultra Series UASL-JEC Condensing Unit earned recognition on the first-ever list of ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient products, which was released in July 2011. Ruud, along with Rheem, are among the first brands with qualifying air conditioning products on this prestigious list, which honors the most efficient products among those that qualify for the ENERGY STAR® designation.


Free Joint Multi

The ideal multi-zone air conditioning system for residential and light commercial applications, the Samsung Free Joint Multi allows 2, 3 or 4 zones to be connected to a single outdoor unit, providing flexibility and custom installations. Powered by a single Samsung Smart Inverter compressor, the outdoor unit matches to the Neo Forte High Wall, Slim Duct series, One Way Ceiling Cassettes, and 4-Way Ceiling Cassette indoor units with individual capacities. With the Free Joint Multi, you can air condition multiple rooms without having to waste a lot of space for the condensing unit.


Premier VS-VH Vacuum System — High Efficiency Radiant Heating System

For energy efficiency and improved comfort, upgrade old heating systems with SRP's state of the art Premier VS-VH high efficiency radiant heating system. Thermal efficiencies of up to 94%, depending on the configuration, are combined with the well-known benefits of radiant heat to maximize fuel savings. The 100% efficient SRP reflector ensures all the infrared is directed where it is needed. The Premier VS-VH complements SRP's award winning Premier VS with smaller in-series burners offering the greatest layout flexibility in the industry. Now designs can be custom engineered to best suit the project with long or short, condensing or non-condensing system options. This unique patented technology results in more precise burner performance, reduced flue emissions and decreased system cost. Adding the optional SRP Accu-Rate® Modulating Control enables communication with energy management systems and independent zone or system modulation between 60% and 100%.


Tappan iQ Drive® Furnace Delivers 97% Efficiency, Ultimate Home Comfort

Modulating technology ensures quiet operation.

Rated at 97% AFUE and higher, the Tappan iQ Drive® modulating furnace creates constant, quiet comfort. It maintains very tight temperature control by adjusting its percent of firing to exactly offset the heating demands on the home. The furnace can modulate between 50 percent and 100 percent of capacity through the gas valve, and down to 15 percent through time proportioning. It reevaluates the heating load every 60 seconds.

The system's iQ Drive controller features complete system monitoring, service notifications, error codes and on-board diagnostics.

The Tappan iQ Drive modulating furnace carries a 10-year parts warranty and Quality Pledge; product registration required. To learn more about this tough Tappan furnace, visit

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The testo 875 thermal imager quickly identifies problems and defects in building envelopes. Use it to evaluate building energy losses and cut down on expensive heating and cooling bills. Energy savings and damage prevention are all in a day's work with the testo 875.

The testo 875 features a large 3.5-inch LCD screen for easier onsite image analysis with its best-in-class 160×120 thermal array. It is BPI/RESNET compliant for weatherization HVAC applications and has <50 mK NETD to ensure the detection of small thermal variations.

The imager includes a large 2GB SD card for expanded image storage and TwinPix software technology that blends the thermal and visual image together. The 875-2 model also offers surface moisture recognition.


Replace Old Rooftop Units Fast!

A Thybar Retro-Mate® is custom made to adapt your existing roof curb to a new rooftop unit. It saves time and costly roof reconstruction, preserves roofing integrity, reduces system downtime and takes advantage of existing ductwork. Our comprehensive library of new and old rooftop specifications lets us design a matching Retro-Mate® without extensive field measurements. Reduced engineering and construction time lets you bid more competitively. Licensed P.E. on staff! See us at AHR EXPO Booth #4452. Direct inquiries to Thybar Corporation, 913 S. Kay St., Addison, IL 60101. 800/666-CURB. Fax: 630/543-5309. E-mail: [email protected].


Nexia Home Intelligence — a Consumer Electronics Show 2012 Innovations Design & Engineering Award honoree — brings together safety, comfort and efficiency to create the ultimate “Smart” or “Connected Home” experience. Amazingly brilliant and yet unbelievably simple, you can adjust, monitor, control and secure all the important functions of your home when you're not at home — right from your smartphone or computer. Kick on the heat, unlock the front door, switch on lights or check on the family pets — even get a text alert when events you want to know about happen. Nexia Home Intelligence gives you the power to take care of the important things in your life — your house and the people in it, from anywhere you happen to be.


Valent Air Management Systems has expanded its available air-cooled refrigeration packages to include an air-source heat pump (ASHP) option for effective operation down to 17F ambient temperatures. Each ASHP unit is equipped with DefrostPLUS, an advanced defrost sequence that monitors ambient temperature and relative humidity to reduce unnecessary defrost cycles.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air-source heat pumps are more efficient than traditional heating methods because they move energy versus creating energy.

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USA Refrigerants provides wholesalers discounted pricing on virgin R-22 and R-410A with FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY. If you're looking for a refrigerant supplier that fully supports its customers with virgin refrigerant supplies and buyback programs, call USA Refrigerants directly at 888/468-5250 or visit us online today at


The Versatec Base from WaterFurnace International, Inc. combines high efficiency and a list of value-added features in a compact water source heat pump for water loop and geothermal applications. The Versatec Base model exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies, while using R-410A refrigerant. The heat pump is available in a wide selection of capacities (018-070 MBtuh output).


Westinghouse iHybrid Packaged Unit Lowers Utility Bills, Raises Home Comfort

Achieving up to 15 SEER, 80% AFUE and 8.0 HSPF, the Westinghouse iHybrid packaged system combines the electric heating and cooling convenience of a heat pump with a gas-heat furnace.

The Westinghouse dual-fuel unit operates at lower capacity during mild temperatures and at full capacity during harsher ones, reducing electrical consumption by almost 80 percent over conventional products. Four-stage heating and two-stage cooling with a variable-speed blower provides better comfort and performs more quietly than single-stage units.

The Westinghouse iHybrid is available in 2 to 5 ton capacities and is an ideal choice for homeowners who want to lower winter utility bills. For more information, visit

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