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Achieve Your EDI Goals

The recent formation of HARDITek and its technology initiative have resulted in two proven, successful EDI applications to help achieve your EDI goals of increasing productivity, reducing costs due to procurement inefficiencies and adding supply-chain accountability.

HARDITek TransLink is an EDI-managed network that provides the electronic transfer of a purchase order or remittance advice to a supplier and the supplier's response by an electronic invoice, ship notice or order acknowledgement, eliminating the need to fax, mail and/or phone these documents.

You can eliminate the inefficiency of re-keying date or data entry errors by sending a purchase order electronically from your warehouse management software to an EDI-capable supplier. After receiving and processing the order, suppliers can return documents such as an electronic invoice, order acknowledgement and/or advance ship notice.

TransLink uses the Internet (FTP) to deliver these business documents, thereby eliminating the need and cost to maintain a modem and dedicated phone line.

As an added feature, TransLink provides on-net translation capability. If you are utilizing a VAN and in-house document translation software, you have an expensive annual license and maintenance fee to maintain this software, in addition to the VAN transaction fees you pay. By utilizing the on-net document translator of TransLink, you can eliminate annual fees and take advantage of HARDITek's competitive EDI transaction pricing.

If you are ready to initiate an EDI program, HARDITek removes the financial barrier of entry.

For distributors utilizing a warehouse management system such as Eclipse, Mincron, P21, Infor and others, TransLink offers full integration to provide complete B2B connectivity.

HARDITek WebDX is a browser-based EDI enablement tool that will allow any EDI-capable distributor to achieve a 100 percent EDI-capable trading community. If a supplier does not have EDI capability, that supplier can use WebDX to receive purchase orders and respond with an electronic invoice, order acknowledgement, ship notice and functional acknowledgement. A Web browser application generates all transactions, so there is no software to maintain by the supplier. Most importantly, you now have accountability in the procurement process — all documents sent/received rest in archives, and you can track them through WebDX.

With more than 370 distributors and suppliers in the HARDI, Affiliated Distributors, WIT, Omni and ASA groups, HARDITek TransLink and WebDX are proven and successful EDI solutions to assist the distributors in achieving their EDI goals of reducing supply-chain costs.

For more information, please contact Paul B. Newman, 919/406-8838, [email protected], Management Information Systems Group Inc., 10 Laboratory Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709.

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