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Airconergy HVAC Smart Chip Installs In 15 Minutes and Saves 11.8%–14.8%


The HVAC Smart Chip from Airconergy is a small controller designed for easy retrofit to residential and commercial HVAC systems. The device has been tested on leading manufacturers’ equipment, with energy savings of 11.8% on space heating and 14.8% on cooling, on average, as verified by the California Energy Commission. Airconergy LLC distributes the HVAC Smart Chip worldwide and is actively seeking qualified resellers and installers.
When installed in an HVAC system, the HVAC Smart Chip monitors the system’s operating time, then extends the fan’s running time by up to eight minutes. By leaving just the HVAC fan on longer after the heating or cooling cycle, you can use heated or cooled air from your system that would have been wasted if the fan were shut off. Most manufacturers of
HVAC systems program the fan to stay on for 90 seconds, but recent studies have shown improved energy efficiency when the fan runs longer.
HVAC Smart Chip will pay for itself in less than 12 months and continue to save thousands of dollars on heating and cooling costs year after year. 
In addition, HVAC Smart Chip sales fund Airconergy’s Save Energy and Save Lives program to assist the efforts of in providing clean water in developing countries.
“Every sale of the HVAC Smart Chip enables us to support drop4drop in drilling wells, and every well provides fresh water for 2000 people,” says Barry Sanders, Vice President of Global Business Development for Airconergy. Drop4drop is a global organization that gives “individuals and businesses the opportunity to offset their water consumption, delivering efficient and accountable clean water projects across the developing world.” Worldwide, approximately 1 billion people lack access to clean water.
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