• Newest HARDI Members

    March 3, 2009
    Here we grow again! The industry is recognizing the importance of HARDI membership. Join us in welcoming these newest additions.

    Here we grow again! The industry is recognizing the importance of HARDI membership. Join us in welcoming these newest additions.

    Distributor Members

    General Wholesale Distributors
    Greenville, SC
    Marty Harrison, Exec. V. Pres.

    Johnstone Supply
    Savannah, GA
    Bill Kehoe

    Johnstone Supply
    Spokane, WA
    Charles Kerl, CFO

    National Ventilating and Equipment Co.
    San Diego, CA
    Ben Barazandeh, Br. Dir.
    Sponsored by: Eric Sirkos, Westech Associates

    Rampart Supply
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Colin Perry, Pres.
    Sponsored by: Royce Henderson, Charles D. Jones & Co.

    Tower Equipment
    Stratford, CT
    Andre Beaudoin, V. Pres.

    Manufacturer Members

    Calcana Industries
    Calgary, AB
    Mark Penchoff, Reg. Mgr.
    Sponsored by: Mark Kell, Hercules Industries

    Brewster, NY
    Michael Matz

    Premier Air
    Santa Clarita, CA
    John Hoffman, CEO

    Refrigeration Technologies
    Fullerton, CA
    Mike Pastorello, VP Ops.
    Sponsored by: Eric Sirkow, Westech Associates

    RefTec International
    Bradenton, FL
    Tim Naylor, Sales Mgr.

    Spinnaker Industries
    Etobioke, ON
    Gordon McCarthy, V. Pres. — Sales/Mktg.

    Therm-All Inc.
    North Olmsted, OH
    Gerard J. Spadaro, Nat'l. Sales Mgr.
    Sponsored by: Mark Durkin, Owens Corning

    Sanford, NC
    Sam Rajkovich, Dir. — Res. Sales
    Sponsored by: Jerry Fording, Lau Parts Division

    Warren Technology
    Hialeah, FL
    Bob Longman, V. Pres. — Mktg.
    Sponsored by: Dave Lowe, Mingledorff's Inc.

    Waters Hot Inc.
    Orange City, CA
    Mike Herron, Dir. — Sales

    Manufacturers' Representative Members

    BC Sales
    Phoenix, AZ
    Jim Ziembowicz, Pres.
    Sponsored by: Dan Berlyn Lineset, Inc.

    EDOS Manufacturers Reps. Inc.
    Granby, MA
    Robert Os, Pres.
    Sponsored by: Lee Ensminger, Crown Boiler Co.

    Hutton Bushnell & Assoc. Inc.
    Chagrin Falls, OH
    Jeff Hutton, V. Pres.
    Sponsored by: Bill Tripp, Avery Dennison

    Vista Sales
    Lakewood, CO
    Mark Muhonen, Pres.
    Sponsored by: Buzz Sweat, Empire Gas & Electric

    Service Vendor Members

    Abram, Edwards & York
    Tucson, AZ
    Kevin Jones

    GE Capital Solutions
    Hoffman Estates, IL
    Steve Dahik, Sr. Mktg. Analyst

    Sales Mastery Consultants
    Arlington, TX
    Scott Sherwin, Pres.
    Sponsored by: Randy Boyd, A/C Supply Co.

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    Our members are leaders in the HVACR industry. Members include distributors, plan & spec distributors, integrated wholesale distributors, manufacturers, manufacturers' representatives, service vendors, marketing/purchasing/cooperatives and more.

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