• Intense, Affordable Professional Distribution Education IS Available

    Dec. 1, 2006
    Quality educational instruction with value on distribution is hard to come by. That's why HARDI is excited to offer members one of the best educational

    Quality educational instruction with “take-home” value on distribution is hard to come by. That's why HARDI is excited to offer members one of the best educational opportunities available for distribution executives, managers and professionals: The University of Industrial Distribution (UID). The intense four-day training schedule runs from Sunday through Wednesday, March 4-7, 2007, on the Indianapolis campus at the Indiana University — Purdue University Conference Center. It is a concentrated educational program focused on the unique needs of the wholesale distribution industry.

    HARDI and 25 other leading distribution professional associations sponsor the Industrial Distribution Program with Purdue University, which has a worldwide reputation of excellence in education. Working together, these groups take great care to ensure that the sessions focus on the distribution industry — its people, problems and issues, opportunities and its future. Distribution professionals play a fundamental role in the design of the coursework, offering a slant with practical “in-the-trenches” experiences — just like yours.

    The program is unique because it is specific for distributors and manufacturers going to market through distributors, and attendees can tailor their learning to their specific needs by choosing from among 30 sessions covering the field of distribution. Students can select from an extensive variety of practical courses to design their own program, or they can follow the courses in selected tracks — “Sales and Marketing,” “Financial Management,” “Executive Management,” “Branch and Operations” and “Human Resource Management.”

    Multiple day-long and several half-day workshops and courses will cover topics including value-added, distributor-manufacturer relationships, inventory management, profitability, sales and marketing, as well as leadership, pricing, negotiation skills, best practices and developing unique selling practices — to name only a few of the many learning opportunities.

    Participants pay one fee for four days packed with a wealth of vital information for distributor executives, managers and professionals, insights, and “take-it-to-the-bank” training and education guaranteed to dramatically better you and your company. Plus, in every course, you will take home valuable, practical materials which are usable immediately in their business to improve profits, enhance customer service, stimulate employee productivity and add value to your firm, vendors and customers.

    We mailed promotional brochures to members in mid-November. More information and registration are available through HARDI's website at www.HARDInet.org. HARDI members will receive a $470 savings off the registration fee when they note that they are a member of the association. For details, call Kimberly O'Neal at the HARDI office, 888/253-2128 or e-mail [email protected].