• HVAC/R Terminology A Quick Reference Guide

    Oct. 1, 2006
    Forget what means? Or what a cascade system is? Do you remember Dulong's formula? If you find yourself reaching into the back of your brain to search

    Forget what “degree-day” means?

    Or what a cascade system is? Do you remember Dulong's formula?

    If you find yourself reaching into the back of your brain to search for these answers, you'll be happy to know that there's a quick reference guide designed to help you out! HVAC/R Terminology is a 393-page softcover book that contains more than 8,000 industry terms — explained in detail. It also includes a substantial appendix with additional related terms, formulas and sizing guideline information.

    Authored by the HARDI Home Study Institute's Associate Director of Education Richard Wirtz, this one-of-a-kind HVAC/R technical reference guide incorporates all the HVAC/R technical terms used in the industry today. As the most complete reference guide in its class, this HVAC/R industry dictionary is really an encyclopedia of industry terms.

    Here are a few excerpts:

    Thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) — A control valve operated by temperature and pressure within the evaporator coil that controls the flow of refrigerant. The power element feeler bulb is attached to the outlet of the evaporator coil. May be internally or externally equalized. THHN wire — A UL-listed, 90°C, small-diameter, general-purpose, 600-volt building wire to be used as power, lighting and control wiring. The thin high- grade, flame-retardant, heat, abrasion and moisture resistance PVC with polyamide nylon jacket permits the easy use of more wires in a given size conduit. Used in dry applications only. TH = thermoplastic, H = hot applications, N = non-metallic.

    HVAC/R Terminology is an invaluable resource for professionals dealing with electricity, controls, refrigeration cycles, heating, psychometrics, boilers, heat pumps, heat transfer, load calculations and more. Students in particular find this a key learning aid. The guide covers the entire industry, providing the most comprehensive collection of HVAC/R terms available in one concise location. It will become an indispensable resource for those just starting as well as seasoned veterans of the HVAC/R industry.

    Originally published in 1998, this second edition has expanded in both size and content. The updated version includes new terminology, more charts, graphs and formulas. Anyone who deals with the technology of the HVAC/R industry — sales, service, installation at the counter, design, etc. — will use this quick reference guide almost daily.

    Wirtz has an impressive background in education and service to the HVAC/R industry. He recently retired from his position as an associate professor and HVAC department coordinator with Columbus State Community College — a position he had held since 1982. Before becoming an instructor, he held such industry positions as warehouse manager, parts manager, service technician and service manager. Wirtz has received many industry honors and awards, including the 2005 RSES Imperial Award for the Heating Specialist Examination, and holds all of the NATE Specialty Exam Certifications.

    HARDI is able to provide this handy reference to members and Home Study Institute students for $31.96 + $8 shipping. It can be ordered online directly through HARDI at www.hardinet.org, click on “Products & Services,” then “Specialized Training/Reference Materials.”