A February New Year Bits & Pieces

Feb. 1, 2006
Most editors have a New Year's column talking about what they plan for the year. As a bimonthly, our first issue mails in February, so I'm a month behind;

Most editors have a New Year's column talking about what they plan for the year.

As a bimonthly, our first issue mails in February, so I'm a month behind; but I don't mind because it gives a little perspective. So here are my Bits & Pieces (if you remember the old Dave Clark Five song).

New Year's Resolution. You're now into your sixth week. Are you keeping your resolution? It might be time for an oil check on your commitment.

John Ehlen. I'm very lucky that John's my publisher. No, I don't have to cozy up to John, because I was well-entrenched in this job before he came along. But cold objectivity forces me to publicly acknowledge that he's done remarkable things with HVACR Distribution Business magazine. In BJE (before John Ehlen) times, we were a quarterly and moving along modestly. It was his vision that added more pages (thus articles) that drove him to suggest (more than three years ago) that we become the official magazine of HARDI. That's what I describe as strategic thinking. I'm fortunate to work with him.

HARDI Staff. It's been great working with the staff at HARDI, especially Don Frendberg and Kim O'Neal, whom I consider friends. We often talk (or write) about a partnership. I believe that HARDI and Penton Custom Media demonstrate that every issue.

13 SEER and This Editor. I put in a new furnace and air conditioner in my home. Common sense dictates that I don't tell you what brand, but there are several people who deserve thanks. Scott Weaver, the president of ARP Supply turned me over to his product manager, Jeff Thompson, who was kind enough to give me advice on what type of units I might need. He certainly spent enough time with me, and I'm most grateful to both.

Lastly, the team of Michael Davis, operations manager for Berlin, NJ-based Atmostemp, LLC, and his technicians, Randy Ambroselli and Mike Heim (both installation specialists), installed my new unit and the accompanying ductwork to my new family room and foyer. It was a fascinating experience watching this team work. On one hand, I was a consumer and wanted the best deal with the highest quality of work. From a professional standpoint, I also wanted to see how well they handled my project. They fully explained everything and were always on time, tidy and unfailingly polite. Also, my new foyer presented a challenge, and it was interesting watching them discuss a problem they ultimately solved. I never asked from whom they buy their supplies, but I would suspect every wholesaler would love to have this team as customers. Thank you.

Bernadette Meier. Thanks for reminding me that you can lighten a photo that's too dark. I sent her a photo from the annual conference banquet where she sat next to her brother, Michael, apologizing for the “dark” photo. She sent it back showing how one could “lighten” it up. The Meier families, including Frank, are so nice, I wonder what's in the water up there in the Binghamton, NY, area.

Reid Goldsboro. I'd like to welcome our new guest computer/Internet/technical columnist. I've never met Reid face to face but became aware of him through the most meaningful way that an editor can meet a writer: reading his articles. You'll find his ideas well-written, engaging and well-researched. It's a delight to read about computers or the Internet in a language that anyone can understand.

Ideas. You can't live without them. In a sense, this is your magazine, and if you have an idea for a story that you think we should cover, please contact me. And if you would like to write an article for us, we'd love to hear about it.