• Don't Miss the Conference Designed for YOU

    Aug. 1, 2008
    Here's hoping your summer is going well and business continues to be strong, as I am hearing from many. I wish I could tell you I had the power to eliminate

    Here's hoping your summer is going well and business continues to be strong, as I am hearing from many. I wish I could tell you I had the power to eliminate the forecasted business downturn we are all facing, but despite the fact that I am the reigning HARDI president, I'm not a miracle worker.

    Nevertheless, there is good news, and it is that the 2008 Annual Fall Conference is only a few short months away. You should soon have your registration information in hand, and you can find it at www.hardinet.org/conference. This year's conference will be another “world class” industry event that you shouldn't miss. The conference planning carried out by the committees, councils and the events committee at the Mid-Year Business Meeting has produced an outstanding program. The first of many highlights is undoubtedly the quality meeting venue at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa in Phoenix, AZ. HARDI held the 2005 conference there, and I have found most members consider this their favorite location.

    The theme of this year's Annual Fall Conference is “Economic Climate Control,” with programming focused on the pending economic downturn as it relates to our everyday business and industry concerns. Here's a brief scenario of the top presenters we have engaged.

    Monday Opening Workshop — Steve Rizzo on the subject of “Attitude.” Having the proper attitude has proven to alleviate many problems. From his high energy and humorous presentation, we will learn how to succeed and enjoy our lives in the midst of challenging and changing times.

    Monday Educational Tracks:

    • Peter Land on the subject of “Motivation” — Coming off as the highest rated Executive Development Retreat presenter this past Jan., Land is back by popular demand and my insistence.
    • Joe Ellers on the subject of “Strategy” — If you attended the regional meetings, you will recognize this dynamic speaker. I could listen to him every day because there is always something new to hear and take back to my business.
    • Alan Beaulieu on the subject of “Economic Trends Based on Facts with T.R.E.N.D.S.” — I wonder if anyone in HARDI doesn't already know this renowned (and humorous) economist and developer of our new Targeted and Regional Economic News for Distributor Strategy program? Personally, he is the only economist that makes me laugh while I'm hearing depressing news.
    • Phil Garrett on the subject of “HVACR Marketing: Myth or Magic?” — Garrett's a former wholesale distributor member who brings this mystical subject to life because he understands distribution's somewhat unique perspective on the subject of marketing. Not to be missed!
    • Grant Howard on the subject of “Inventory Management.” He may not have you rolling in the aisles with laughter, but he will present the subject with tremendous knowledge, and I can assure that you will gain great insight on the many variables of the subject.

    May I offer a couple of suggestions. First, bring more than just yourself — there's too much to do for one person to cover it all. Secondly, if you've never been to a HARDI conference, this should be your first. With all that is going on with our businesses, government legislation and taxation, and the economy, this is the time to see what your association and peers are doing to keep our industry viable.

    If there's one thing I will guarantee you, it will be fun! See y'all there.