• The President's PerspectiveHARDI, Helping You Prosper

    Feb. 1, 2006
    I would like to issue a profound thank you to everyone who made the commitment to attend the 2005 HARDI Annual Conference and to make it an outstanding

    I would like to issue a profound thank you to everyone who made the commitment to attend the 2005 HARDI Annual Conference and to make it an outstanding success. The conference evaluations have been overwhelmingly complimentary on the program, the location and the value received. With all the preparations and the jam-packed schedule, I fear your leadership may not have sufficiently communicated its appreciation for the individual continued support and dedication to making this meeting a world-class event.

    The bottom line to its sustained success is your commitment to attend, to learn and most importantly to share your knowledge and experience with others. I fully appreciate the sacrifices that you must make to your business and family to attend this four-day conference with the never-ending demands of business and challenge of keeping abreast of the dramatic changes in our industry. We will continue to plan this conference event to provide the greatest possible return on your investment of time. We encourage your continued input and advice in meeting that goal.

    I hope many of you were able to participate in the Road to 13-SEER Webinars that HARDI sponsored with ACCA and the News. The four Webinar sessions were well-attended and received high marks for their content and in-depth look at the myriad problems and confusion facing our industry. The programs eliminated many of the myths and rumors about the conversion to 13-SEER and provided the means to get your business ready for the transition as well as ways to implement and communicate the changes to your customers. Although we are now past the date when suppliers can no longer manufacture using equipment rated below 13-SEER, the problems and confusion will be with us for a very long time. A CD containing all the Webinar sessions is available from HARDI for use by your training departments or customers. Contact the HARDI office toll-free at 888/253-2128 for more information.

    Speaking of valuable information, your HARDI Foundation has just published a resource document entitled A Quick Guide to Finding Market Research Information, which I encourage every HARDI member to keep close at hand. This document, free to HARDI members, contains a brief profile, contact information and websites for virtually every source of information related to the HVACR industry, including trade publications, associations, market data, trends research and statistics. Also included is a profile of a HARDI distributor, historical growth statistics and in-depth information about the industry, market size and census data. The guide is available for free download to HARDI members on the HARDI website, www.hardinet.org, under the “members only” section and can be purchased by nonmembers. I highly recommend you get a copy of this valuable document and pass it around to your employees. It provides a great picture of the expansiveness of our industry and the importance that wholesale distribution plays in its success.

    HARDI is anticipating an exciting and prosperous year ahead. I encourage you to think of your association first whenever you need any service or assistance.
    Best regards, Bill Shaw