Modine's Unit Ventilator Provides Benefits for Schools, Users

Feb. 11, 2010
Modine's Unit Ventilator Provides Benefits for Schools, Users

Modine Manufacturing Company today announced the introduction of the ValedictorianTM, its new under-the-window vertical unit ventilator. The unit is designed with the durability demanded in classroom environments and comes with features teachers love, the operating costs administrators expect, and the ease of use and low maintenance facility managers require.

“Engineered specifically for classrooms, the Valedictorian gives users the features they need to reduce noise, improve efficiency and maintain the architectural integrity of the existing space,” said Matt McBurney, director of Modine’s Commercial Products Group. “Like all Modine products, we’ve invested in the research and testing necessary to ensure that not only do users get the fresh and comfortable air they require, they get it in a low cost, attractive and easy-to-use package.”

The Valedictorian has been designed to deliver a series of benefits to stand out in its field and offer the very best options, accessories, reliability and efficiency for end-users. Features and benefits include:
Improved efficiency saves resources and money

  • The Valedictorian’s coils have been designed for optimal temperature and pressure drops.
  • A unique economizer mode gives users the chance to take advantage of outside air to cool their environments during favorable climates.
  • Optional factory installed controls optimize the control sequence.

Built to withstand classroom rigors and increase lifespan with improved serviceability so less time is spent on maintenance
· Standard heavy-duty, 14-gauge cabinet panels make the Valedictorian the most damage-resistant unit ventilator on the market.
· Textured hammertone finish is easy to clean and maintains a fingerprint-free surface.
· Modular design allows easy access to and removal of critical components.
· Cabinet end pockets centralize the location of the unit’s components.

Noise reduction for a better learning environment
· A motor mounted outside the airstream isolates vibration in the bearings.
· The heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel cabinet further insulates for noise reduction and lower decibel levels.

Multiple options, accessories for a variety of room sizes and needs
· A full range of sizes are offered – 750, 1,000, 1,250 and 1,500 CFM.
· A selection of outdoor louvers are designed to blend into any façade.
· Piping and control utility compartments are available to match unit color and finish.
· Hot water heating coils are available.
· Multiple inlet air arrangements and adapter backs accommodate a variety of sill and louver heights.
· Optional factory assembled piping packages are available.
· Available in a variety of one or two-tone colors.

Modine’s products have been designed, tested and manufactured in America for more than 90 years to provide not only the ease of use, air circulation and even temperatures that customers expect, but also to meet and exceed efficiency standards.

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