• Online Ordering Heavenly for Shoppers and Distributors Alike

    Oct. 1, 2009
    eCommerce 21 drives online sales, integrates with SX.enterprise to streamline operations.

    To the IT director of a Montreal-based supplier of industrial packaging products, the most important factor in choosing an e-commerce solution was how well it would share information with the distribution management system already in place. “It was very important to us that our e-commerce and back-end systems be integrated so we wouldn't need to maintain more than one database and rekey our online orders,” explains Beryl Aranoff of Dorfin.

    To other wholesale suppliers, user-friendly navigation was the deciding factor. After all, if customers can't easily find what they're looking for, they can't buy it.

    These companies chose eCommerce 21, the intelligent storefront system from Computer Pundits Corp. eCommerce 21 features an intuitive navigation system to help customers quickly zero in on what they need. Plus, it integrates with accounting and inventory management systems like Infor SX.enterprise and Mincron Systems. It also integrates with Catalog Builder, the catalog design and management system from Computer Pundits Corp.

    Dorfin implemented both eCommerce 21 and Catalog Builder. Now their catalog, Web store and inventory management systems all share data from a single source, resulting in highly streamlined operations.

    But the most important question is, are their customers happy? Here's how one customer described her experience with the new Web store at Dorfin: “I think I've died and gone to heaven.”

    What makes eCommerce 21 online experiences so pleasant? It's a combination of robust navigation and searching capabilities plus exhaustive product information, images and everything else customers need to make their online purchases. For distributors, eCommerce 21 provides all the necessary shopping cart capabilities, plus content management, store management and valuable Internet marketing tools.

    For more information visit www.ecommerce21.com or call 888/786-3487.

    Prashubh Batham is president of Computer Pundits Corp.