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    Sept. 1, 2011
    Fantech Light Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilators Fantech AHRI Certified light commercial HRVs are powered by energy efficient ebm-pabst motors to provide

    Fantech Light Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilators

    Fantech AHRI Certified light commercial HRVs are powered by energy efficient ebm-pabst motors to provide 250-1105 CFM at 0.4" w.g. Installer-friendly features simplify installation. Reversible door panels provide easy access to cores, filters, motors and drain pans. Aluminum heat exchanger cores are engineered to maximize heat transfer while allowing an effective evacuation of condensate. Plates are hemmed and sealed to ensure no cross-contamination. Electronic control board allows for easy connection to existing HVAC equipment. For more information, visit www.fantech.net or call 800/747-1762.
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    Wireless — The New Trend In Fieldpiece Instruments' HVACR Meters

    Fieldpiece Instruments, manufacturer of professional-grade instruments for HVACR field service, introduces the wireless portfolio — the HVAC Guide® System Analyzer, model HG3, Wireless Transmitter ET2W, Wireless Receiver EH4W and Wireless DMM LT17AW. This new system turns any Fieldpiece Accessory Head into wireless test meters. Technicians now simply connect any accessory head one time, take measurements, adjust the system and then easily retake the measurements. www.fieldpiece.com
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    Goodman's Modulating Variable-Speed GMVM96 Furnace Has Few Peers

    With its uniquely designed, award-winning heat exchanger, the Goodman® GMVM96 Modulating Gas Furnace offers outstanding performance, efficiency and durability in a quiet unit, backed by a Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty. The Goodman GMVM96 has a self-calibrating, modulating gas valve that operates on a two-stage or single-stage thermostat while delivering up to 96% AFUE performance. This multi-position, variable speed gas furnace supplies precise, energy-saving comfort. Goodman's GMVM96 is ComfortNet control compatible and packed with features including a silicon nitride igniter, making it one of the best values in the HVAC industry. www.goodmanmfg.com
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    Mitsubishi's CITY MULTIs AHR Product of the Year

    Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating's CITY MULTI® VRF Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS), 2011 AHR Expo Product of the Year for Innovation, supplies outdoor ventilation air to a building independent of the HVAC air distribution or conditioning system. The DOAS pre-conditions outside air for introduction into downstream HVAC units, lessening the load on HVAC systems. Because the systems work less to condition air to a certain temperature when used in conjunction with the DOAS, end-users can save on utility costs. To learn more, visit www.mitsubishipro.com.
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    OEM Replacement Parts at Neuco!

    Neuco now offers replacement parts for over 19 OEM lines. They specialize in determining the exact part you require, so don't hesitate to ask the Neuco Sales Team for guidance. An OEM list is also available at www.neucoinc.com.

    For assistance, call 800/323-7394 and ask for the Sales Team.

    -Neuco, Inc., Master Distributor of HVACR Controls
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    New Heat Pump Manifold from YELLOW JACKET®

    3-1/8" high- and low-side gauges with 1% accuracy are designed to handle heat pump pressures and transitions in heating or cooling mode. Both low and high side black steel case gauges handle up to 800 psi. Temperature scales cover the most popular heat pump refrigerants (R-22, R-410A and R-407C). Available with 60" hoses (42044), without hoses (42041) and with hoses in a fitted backpack (42040). YELLOW JACKET® Products Division of Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., www.yellowjacket.com/disb or 800/769-8370
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    The RIDGID® Micro CA-100 Is the Next Evolution of the SeeSnake® Micro Inspection Camera

    Perform more detailed visual inspections in even harder-to-reach areas. Its comfortable pistol-grip design, one-hand controls and large screen make it easy to detect and diagnose the unreachable. The micro CA-100 comes standard with a rugged 3/4 inch, 17mm anodized aluminum camera head with 4 super bright LEDs. Easily rotate the active image counterclockwise to see in any situation. The RIDGID micro CA-100 Inspection Camera provides solutions whenever and wherever you need them. www.RIDGID.com
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    Introducing Atherion by Modine

    In mythology, the name refers to the clean air only the gods could breathe. In reality, it's the way Modine brings the fresh air from outside into your workplace. Designed to provide significant outdoor air ventilation to any space, the Atherion is a 15-30 ton commercial packaged ventilation system that meets the latest ASHRAE 90.1 and 62.1 standards for efficiency, green building and indoor air quality. It also includes best-in-class MERV 16 filtration, an industry-leading high efficiency gas heating option and the latest in cooling technology with factory-installed microprocessor controls. 800/828-HEAT or www.modinehvac.com
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