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    Trane Introduces Award-Winning ComfortLink™ II Thermostat

    April 18, 2011
    Building on Trane’s legacy of category-leading product design and performance, the company’s latest introduction—the ComfortLink™ II Thermostat—is said to be one of the most advanced home comfort device on the market.

    Building on Trane’s legacy of category-leading product design and performance, the company’s latest introduction—the ComfortLink™ II Thermostat—is said to be one of the most advanced home comfort device on the market.

    The ComfortLink II Thermostat is designed with busy homeowners in mind; it’s easy to use, see displayed data and understand with simple programming features, service reminders and a system runtime monitor, which includes weekly and monthly views, all in an effort to provide the perfect experience within the home. Earlier this year, the product was honored with an International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award and the coveted Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award.

    The ComfortLink II Thermostat's 7-inch, interactive, high-definition color touch screen provides consumers with an intuitive user interface allowing them to control and provide their home with the ideal temperature and humidity, 24-7. With a customizable screen feature, homeowners are able to program as much information as they want to see on their thermostat, including the status of their indoor air quality, humidity and individual room temperatures. The product also offers zoning capability, providing homeowners a solution with modulating dampers (which allow the opening to vary between zero and 100 percent) and wireless touch-screen zone sensors.When the ComfortLink II Thermostat is not in use, it defaults to a screen saver that can complement the look and feel of a home’s décor, or can be used as a digital picture frame. System zoning components, including wireless zone sensors and modulating dampers will be available this summer.

    In addition to providing the ideal indoor temperature, the ComfortLink II Thermostat allows homeowners to get a five-day weather forecast with a radar image and weather alerts for their ZIP code, so they know how to dress for the day or for travel.

    The Trane ComfortLink II Thermostat is the perfect home comfort connection,” says Tim Storm, controls and zoning product manager, Ingersoll Rand Residential Solutions. “Today’s consumers are looking for a more interactive, personalized experience when it comes to technology, especially with energy management solutions for the home. Homeowners are looking for solutions to keep their children and families healthier, more comfortable and safer. The Trane ComfortLink II Thermostat provides homeowners with award-winning innovation they can always rely upon.”

    The Trane ComfortLink II Thermostat features:

    • Comfort: With the addition of zoning system components, consumers can enjoy more even temperatures throughout their home, room-by-room and floor-to-floor. And coming soon, a PC application will be available for home computers so users can change temperatures from any room in their home.
    • Safety: Provides homeowners with remote access and control via a computer or cell phone (future enhancement). Should a system failure occur, the homeowner will be notified by text or email. Is equipped with Allergy Clean, which runs at 100 percent speed for 24 hours, and Quick Clean Cycles which run at 100 percent for three hours, providing maximum clean air delivery from the air cleaner.
    • Efficiency: The built-in Dual Fuel Calculator determines the most economical outdoor temperature to change over from heat pump to gas furnace operation, minimizing energy usage and lowering utility costs.
    • Built-in diagnostics: Pinpoints problems and provides a list of possible causes. Technicians will have access to the fault codes, which may save service time and money.
    • Fault Codes: Current-and-past system fault codes are stored onboard the thermostat with time and date stamps. This helps determine when abnormal operation is occurring. Technicians can also log system data to the SD card over a period of several days and then upload the data into the diagnostic software that was developed for advanced troubleshooting by the local distributor or factory technical support representative.
    • Wireless zone sensors: There are no wires to connect or holes in the wall (available this summer).

    “The Trane ComfortLink II Thermostat can be used with any standard heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with the addition of a relay panel accessory,” adds Storm. “The ComfortLink II Thermostat is not your typical thermostat and up to this point, there has been nothing like it available to consumers.”

    For more information on these and other residential solutions please visit www.ingersollrand.com, www.schlage.com, or www.trane.com.