• Winter Emergencies? Thankfully, There’s Totaline®

    Nov. 30, 2010
    Winter is right around the corner, and that means that you need to be prepared for heating emergencies.

    Winter is right around the corner, and that means that you need to be prepared for heating emergencies. Techs in the know stock their trucks at Totaline sales centers, which carry everything they need for winter emergencies, from igniters to motors.

    Totaline sales centers offer two types of universal igniters, which are able to fit almost every brand of equipment. When you’re working on a customer’s furnace in winter, and the problem is the igniter, you know it needs to be replaced quickly. By carrying universal igniters on your truck, you’ll be prepared to replace almost any igniter on any brand of furnace immediately.

    These universal igniters work well in situations where the factory warranty isn’t an issue, and they’re tested for reliability as well. Universal igniters are an affordable option for many emergency repair jobs, but what else do you need on your trucks for emergency situations? Stocking a variety of motors can also help you out of a wintery fix.

    By stocking Totaline or Emerson motors on your truck, you’ll be prepared for just about any furnace motor emergency. What about customers who have Carrier®, Bryant® or Payne® furnaces? Factory Authorized Parts, which are exact, drop-in replacements on these equipment brands, are readily available at your Totaline sales center as well. The fully trained counter sales people will be able to find you the F.A.P. part you need in a jiffy – so your customers don’t have to wait.

    For customers who need more than a fix, Totaline sales centers also offer Payne equipment over-the-counter, so for those needing a furnace or heat pump replacement, there’s no need to wait. Not to mention, Payne equipment offers quality products at a value price, and comes with a 10-year limited parts warranty.

    So prepare yourself for the winter months ahead - stop into your local Totaline sales center and stock up. From igniters to motors, you’ll find just what you need, and the friendly counter salespeople are always on hand to help.

    When you make Totaline sales centers your one-stop shop for winter emergency preparedness, you can receive FREE STUFF! Throughout 2010, when you purchase F.A.P. motors and other select items, you’ll be eligible to receive such great FREE STUFF items as a fishing rod and reel, a digital compass, or a spotlight/floodlight flashlight. And, when you purchase Payne heating equipment, you can receive a front-seat mobile office, a deluxe chair cooler, or an auto tumbler and flask.

    Visit www.totaline.com for more details on these and other FREE STUFF offers.