• New Kühl Line Bolsters Friedrich’s Reputation as Only Manufacturer of True Commercial-Grade Room Air Conditioners

    May 17, 2010
    Friedrich Air Conditioning announced its new line of Kühl and Kühl+ products for customers working in the most demanding environments in the world.

    Friedrich Air Conditioning announced its new line of Kühl and Kühl+ products for customers working in the most demanding environments in the world.

    Kühl and Kühl+ (cool plus heat) will be widely available in early summer 2010, after nearly two years in design and testing. The result is a room cooling line that meets the high standards set by Friedrich’s engineering team.

    Accelerated life tests were performed in extreme environmental conditions and at abnormal cycle rates to ensure reliability and durability in the most demanding applications. The air handling system was designed using state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics. Louvers were robotically tested for life cycle durability. And electronic controls endured an elaborate series of tests like extreme short circuit, over and under voltage testing, high temperature testing, radiated emissions, regression testing, and electromagnetic pulse and spike susceptibility tests, among others.

    With a 127-year history, Friedrich is a pioneer in energy efficiency, and its newest product meets the company’s stringent standards. All of Kühl’s heat pump models and the majority of cooling-only models are Energy Star® qualified.

    Additionally, models feature a built-in programmable thermostat that allows the user even more energy management options by permitting up to four prescheduled setting changes per day. Select from a 7-day default program featuring Energy Star-recommended settings or customize settings as desired. Minimize energy waste by setting Kühl to raise the room temperature or turn off altogether when a room is unoccupied. A keypad lock-out feature prevents unauthorized changes to set points.

    Wire one or more Kühl units to a remote wall thermostat or energy management system for added convenience and control. All of these features help realize substantial efficiency over most window or through-the-wall air conditioners

    More Kühl features important to the commercial customer:

    • 7,900–36,000 BTU/h
    • Commercial-grade durability—heavy-gauge steel, rifled copper tubing, and totally enclosed, commercial-grade fan motors prevent unit from overheating for a longer life
    • Aluminum end plates won’t rust or leave streaks on exterior walls
    • Rugged, sealed control panel with four operating options: simple, seven-day default program, seven-day custom program, and remote thermostat operation
    • Control module separate from touch controls for better protection from the elements, abusive handling, or accidental damage, which minimizes repair costs
    • Backup system saves settings if power is interrupted, and auto restart feature returns unit to prior settings
    • Sound reduction technology like heavy-duty, vibration-absorbing components, an advanced airflow design, a protective motor mount, a solid steel blower wheel housing, an insulated plenum, a steel cabinet and inner walls, and solid hard-board side panels for quiet operation
    • Air flow systems tested for powerful and precise air distribution
    • Electronic maintenance indicators include “check filter” reminder
    • Superior fresh air intake and stale air exhaust vent
    • Washable, antimicrobial air filter; hinged door for easy filter access
    • Slide-out chassis for easier installation and maintenance
    • EntryGard anti-intrusion protection prevents kick-in intrusion and provides insect barrier
    • Defrost control protects coil against freeze up
    • LED panel dims when not in use Electronic maintenance indicator, firm grip handles, slide-out chassis, and hinged door with easy air filter access make installation and maintenance tasks much easier
    • Two-stage air filtration with optional premium carbon filter achieves up to a MERV 6 rating
    • Auto changeover on models with heat

    Kuhl Goes Green and More

    The new Kühl line uses environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant, has 12 Energy Star-qualified models, meets tough European RoHS standards for manufacturing without the use of toxic materials, and ships in recyclable packaging.

    Kühl, which comes in a standard silver color, offers several new accessories, including optional carbon filters and six colored front covers in beige, black, white, red, pink, and blue. Accessories are sold separately.

    Watch for Kühl’s introduction and learn more at www.friedrich.com.