• Tech Update June 2012

    June 1, 2012
    RESIDENTIAL Coleman Johnson Controls has added 1.5-ton condensing units to the Coleman LX and Comforteer series of mid-efficiency 14.5 SEER air conditioners



    Johnson Controls has added 1.5-ton condensing units to the Coleman® LX and Comforteer series of mid-efficiency 14.5 SEER air conditioners and heat pumps.

    To boost energy efficiency and offer a compact footprint, both 1.5-ton models include a coil constructed of aluminum MicroChannel tubing and enhanced aluminum fins. The coils are protected from damage by a sturdy polymer mesh applied between the coil face and a coated steel guard.

    Other features include:

    • Compressors protected against high temperature and pressure.

    • Isolated compressor mounts to help reduce operating noise.

    • Permanently lubricated motor bearings requiring no annual maintenance.


    Goodman® brand ductless MS 20 Mini Split uses 180 degree sine wave inverter technology to bring high-efficiency heating and cooling to challenging spaces.

    Goodman MS heat pumps offer up to 20 SEER performance, a “follow-me” remote control thermostat, turbo settings for fast heating and cooling, antibacterial fan, odor trapping carbon filter, easy-to-read LCD display, sleep mode setting, auto-restart temperature setting, bi-directional airflow setting and easy-clean indoor unit panels. A single 3½-in. wall opening connects the outdoor and indoor units.

    The brushless, twin rotary compressor in the Mini-Split utilizes a double cam design to increase mechanical stability and performance, with less vibration and noise, compared to conventional rotary compressors. | www.goodmanmfg.com


    Johnson Controls expands its Luxaire® line of LX and Climasure series of 14.5 SEER mid-efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps with 1.5-ton condensing units. The design of the new 1.5-ton models reduces installation and maintenance costs with easy power and control wiring connections. Fully exposed refrigerant connections and a single panel covering the electrical controls enable easy access. Also, permanently lubricated motor bearings require no annual maintenance.

    The new units also feature a coil of aluminum MicroChannel tubing and enhanced aluminum fins that increase energy efficiency and offer a compact footprint. A sturdy polymer mesh between the coil face and a coated-steel guard protect the coils from damage. | www.Joinluxaire.com


    Mitsubishi Electric introduces new systems that are Energy Star®-rated and qualify for federal tax credits.

    The MSZ-GE09NA and MSZ-GE12NA systems with wall-mounted indoor units feature some of the highest SEER and HSPF ratings Mitsubishi Electric has ever offered. According to Mitsubishi sources, this improved performance helps homeowners save more than 40 percent on energy usage compared to standard window units. The MSZ-GE systems offer:

    • Single-zone cooling-only and heat pump models in 9,000, 12,000, 15,000 and 18,000 BTU/h capacities.

    • All heat pump indoor units are compatible with the MXZ-B Series multi-zone system.

    • High efficiencies of up to 20.5 SEER.


    Quietside Corp. introduces their bacteria eliminating Samsung Vivace mini split air conditioner. Each Vivace indoor unit has a built-in Micro Plasma Ion zone, which improves the indoor air quality by eliminating biological bacteria, molds and allergy causing agents. The Samsung Vivace also uses various filters in a multi-step air purifying health care system to remove virtually all elements that are harmful to the body. Samsung uses Silver Nano coating on both the filters and the evaporator to trap and remove dust particles as well as to exterminate fungi and unpleasant odors. The Samsung Vivace has three sizes in 12, 18 and 24,000 BTUH that can fit most residential applications. | www.Quietside.com


    WaterFurnace International, Inc. introduces the 5 Series, an upgrade to the popular Envision® product line that delivers whole-home comfort efficiently. The 5 Series 500A11 combines forced air heating and air conditioning and generates a portion of a home's hot water, all from a single unit. Available in nine single-speed and six dual-capacity sizes from 1 to 6 tons, the geothermal heat pump system uses R-410A refrigerant and features a variety of advanced technology and components. Copeland Scroll compressors are mounted on double isolation plates for extra quiet operation. Dual capacity units include Scroll UltraTech compressors for added efficiency and reliability. | www.waterfurnace.com


    Johnson Controls has expanded its York® LX and Latitude series of mid-efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps with the addition of 14.5 SEER condensing units.

    The 1.5-ton models feature the same compact footprint and height as 2-ton models in the series. When used with York's variable-speed indoor products, the air conditioners can achieve efficiency levels that qualify them for the Energy Star® designation for a federal tax credit.

    Upward airflow carries the normal operating noise of the models away from the living area and a rigid top panel reduces any motor sound in the units. In addition, isolated compressor mounts minimize compressor-operating sounds and, in the case of the LX model, a louvered steel coil guard, swept-wing fan blade and compressor blanket ensure quiet operation. | www.yorkhvacdealer.com



    Emerson Climate Technologies is releasing a new version of its E2 supervisory controller for retail facilities. The new version of the E2 offers open BACnet communication protocol, enabling retailers to interface with more devices. In addition, the new version of the E2 offers native integration with Emerson's multi-zone infrared refrigerant leak detection device. | www.Emerson.com