• McQuay Delivered VAV System for Small to Medium Sized Buildings

    Nov. 5, 2010
    McQuay International today introduces Delivered variable air volume (VAV) systems for consistent room temperature comfort.

    McQuay International today introduces Delivered variable air volume (VAV) systems for consistent room temperature comfort. McQuay’s complete system makes the benefits of VAV simple and affordable for those who own, construct, maintain and occupy small and medium sized buildings.

    The new Delivered VAV Systems by McQuay offer benefits to building owners, occupants, installers and facility managers. For building owners, the systems are more efficient than constant volume systems. It delivers only the precise amount of conditioned air for a particular space that needs to stay comfortable, while electrical energy stays low. The system is the gold standard for consistent occupant comfort as building load changes during the day due to occupancy variations or outdoor conditions.

    For contractors, the Delivered VAV Systems are fast and easy to install. Field start-up for an entire building network consisting of two 50-ton rooftops and 20 to 40 VAV boxes can typically be completed in hours and does not require additional software licensing. To save time, the configuration files are created for each unique system and preloaded into the system controller. Application data is loaded and tested, at the factory for the VAV box and air handling unit controllers. Commissioning process is automated by McQuay’s advanced software and easy-to-use touch screen controller.

    “We are pleased to be the first to offer a low-risk, low cost VAV system for small and medium sized buildings, says Wally Bjorkstrand, product manager at McQuay International. “We have engineered this system with the latest technologies that reduce the total install cost and provide a true VAV energy savings with remote monitoring.”

    The McQuay Delivered VAV Systems offer reliable control with access from any computer with the web based interface, without additional hardware. Technicians in a remote location can check status, respond to alarms and determine if an on-site service call is required; all through the easy to use web interface. The system includes control and monitoring applications to make building system control as comfortable and efficient as possible that include – scheduling, system summary, remote monitoring, alarm management and data logs.

    For more information about McQuay International Delivered VAV Systems and to obtain Revit (BIM) files visit www.mcquay.com.