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    Trane Introduces New EarthWise™ Geothermal Systems

    June 7, 2011
    Trane is pleased to announce the launch of its EarthWise™ Geothermal Systems.

    Trane is pleased to announce the launch of its EarthWise™ Geothermal Systems.

    The Trane EarthWise Geothermal Systems areindustry leading product offerings in both efficiency and features. They come with a limited 10-year parts and labor warranty for additional peace of mind. EarthWise Geothermal Systems are also compatible with Trane’s top-of-the-line controls, including the award-winning ComfortLink™ II Thermostat.

    The initial EarthWise Geothermal product offering includes a full line of packaged systems and water heating systems. Split systems matched with the Trane Hyperion air handler will be available soon.

    Trane EarthWise Geothermal Systems offer homeowners many advantages and benefits, including:

    • Efficiency: Trane EarthWise Geothermal Systems can return up to $4 of heat for every $1 of electricity used.
    • Environmental friendliness: Trane EarthWise Geothermal Systems use renewable heat from deep inside the earth, a virtually unlimited supply of energy.
    • Comfort: Trane EarthWise Geothermal Systems provide consistent, even temperatures every day of the year.
    • Reliability: Trane EarthWise Geothermal Systems are built with quality materials and true craftsmanship, and backed with robust warranties.
    • Flexibility: Three different configurations allow Trane Geothermal Systems to adapt to any region, in any house.

    “A Trane EarthWise Geothermal System pays you back in many ways,” says Joyce Warrington, director of HVAC brand marketing for Trane, Ingersoll Rand. “Not only will a Trane EarthWise Geothermal System increase the efficiency of your home heating and cooling every month, thereby lowering your energy costs, it can also qualify you for a 30 percent federal tax credit through 2016. In addition, geothermal systems can be configured to reduce consumer needs for energy to heat water used for bathing, laundry and even washing the dishes. Geothermal can also be one of the quietest home comfort solutions available.”

    For more information on these and other residential solutions please visit www.ingersollrand.com, www.schlage.com, or www.trane.com.