• HVACR Columnist and HARDI Chairman Don Frendberg Wins International Writing Prize

    Dec. 7, 2010
    HARDI Chairman Don Frendberg won a Silver award in the category of Best Column at the Custom Printing Council’s Pearl Awards for 2010.

    HARDI Chairman Don Frendberg won a Silver award in the category of Best Column at the Custom Content Council’s Pearl Awards for 2010.

    This is an international award that the council distributes each year, choosing among the hundreds of custom publications that its members publish. Frendberg was honored for his column that appears in every issue of HVACR Distribution Business magazine, which is the official magazine of Heating, Air- conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI). The magazine publishes eight issues annually.

    While Frendberg has been a businessman and trade association executive in his professional career, he began writing a column in the magazine in 2007. “His column examines the HVACR industry, business in general and the cultural and political climate in an easy, wry and self-deprecating manner that erupts with a little bloom of honesty in every column,” say Tom Periæ, the magazine’s editor. “I knew Don was a winner when it came to writing because sometimes I’d literally guffaw when reading his column. This is a worthy tribute to a gentleman and an expert on the wholesale end of the HVACR industry.”

    “Don’s columns are just a brief but insightful glimpse into what has made him so successful as an association and business leader for so long,” says Talbot Gee, HARDI’s executive vice president and COO. “I’ve lost count of the times members have told me how much they enjoy Don’s column, so it’s great to see him received this well-deserved award.”

    Founded in 1998, the Custom Content Council is the leading professional organization representing custom publishers in North America. All custom publishing companies, including independent custom publishers, divisions of larger publishing houses, advertising agencies and other media conglomerates — whether or not they were currently members of the council — were invited to enter the competition. Judges were key marketing executives, academics, journalists, designers, corporate strategists and publishers.