Tech Update

Sept. 1, 2011
Amana The Amana ASXC16 air conditioner is engineered for durability, quiet operation and advanced diagnostics, while delivering up to 16 SEER, energy-saving


The Amana ASXC16 air conditioner is engineered for durability, quiet operation and advanced diagnostics, while delivering up to 16 SEER, energy-saving performance. The Energy Star-certified ASXC16 is compatible with the ComfortNet communicating control. The system actively monitors the entire HVAC loop, making automatic corrections if needed to ensure peak performance.

A lifetime unit replacement limited warranty covers the Amana compressor, a two-stage Copeland® Ultratech scroll. |


The Model 8600 is the newest offering of control products from Aprilaire. It provides intuitive touch screen technology with real-language installer set-up in a large 10.3-sq. in. backlit display. The Model 8800 communicating thermostat can be remotely controlled through a standard computer. |


The AP Series Water2Air Geothermal heat pump and WT Series Water2Water Geothermal heat pump provide homes with energy-efficient comfort while reducing monthly bills thanks to state-of-the-art design and research.

The AP Series Water2Air Geothermal heat pump by Florida Heat Pump (FHP) is available in both vertical, horizontal, Counter flow and split system configurations.

The product features a two-stage scroll compressor that when paired with a multistage thermostat can produce savings upwards of 70%. An electronically commutated motor (ECM) assembly, along with a floating compressor base pan and compressor blanket, provides minimal sound while the unit filters collect dust and maintain rated airflow.


Braeburn has released three all new Touchscreen Thermostats designed for both new and retrofit installations. Each model ships with an energy saving 7 day program and SpeedSet, but can be quickly configured to 5-2 or non-programmable mode. Additional features include optional auto-changeover, and adjustable set point limits.


The Echelon Communicating Control from the Coleman® brand of HVAC products from Johnson Controls combines high-definition touch screen technology with an intuitive, graphically driven interface for maximum system efficiency and revolutionary comfort control.

The Communicating Control features a high-definition, customizable touch screen display that allows a contractor to tailor control preferences for each customer and program maintenance reminders that prominently display the contractor's contact information.


Daikin Altherma offers a total comfort solution for residential applications and supplies heating, cooling and domestic hot water three to five times more efficiently than conventional systems using oil or gas, similar to that provided by geothermal, sources say.

Daikin Altherma transforms unutilized energy from the outside air into usable heat and can be connected to low temperature radiators, fan coil units, radiant heating systems and solar thermal technology for hot water production. |


White-Rodgers, a business division of Emerson Electric Co., announces a new addition to its Emerson Blue thermostat line, the Emerson Blue Easy Install Thermostat. The new model will easily upgrade single-stage applications to premium high-efficiency systems using the existing four wires.

The new 4-Wire Thermostat Solution will be available in two models; the1F98EZ-1421 and the1F98EZ-1441.


GeoSystems® introduces the Econar Ultra Split system and the addition of a four-ton unit to the Econar DualTEK product line.

The new Ultra Split system is available in two models: the air handling split or dual fuel split. The air handling split system consists of both the refrigeration unit and an air handling unit and replaces a conventional furnace. The two components provide flexibility where space is limited or where a unitary system could be difficult to install. The Dual Fuel split system consists of a refrigeration unit connected to an air coil, which will be installed in the customer's existing furnace plenum. According to company sources, this equipment pairing allows the most efficient and cost effective fuel source to be selected, depending on the customer's application requirements. |


Honeywell introduces the Prestige® IAQ, a complete multi-stage system and IAQ control that installs with two wires. The two-piece design includes the thermostat and an equipment interface module (EIM) and communicates with each other using proven Honeywell RedLINK wireless technology.

Johnson Controls

Source 1 Parts has introduced CTS Series thermostats, featuring an 8, high-resolution, color touch screen display. An optional SD card enables remote setup and programming via the companion CTS Assistant software. CTS Assistant can also be used to upload dealer logo and contact information, custom wallpaper images and up to 100 custom screensaver photos. It also features up to 4 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling, dual fuel control, up to 7-day programming and many more capabilities.


The Lochinvar Knight® heating boiler is now available in wall-mounted units with an innovative new fire tube design. Developed to provide contractors with all the options they need to serve every application, the new Knight wall-mount fire tube models are available in seven models with inputs from 55,000 to 399,000 BTUH. For higher demand applications, Lochinvar's exclusive Smart System operating control features a built-in cascading sequencer that allows up to eight units to be installed, delivering up to 3.2 million BTUH heating capacity.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric announces that it will incorporate Honeywell's RedLINK wireless HVAC protocol into Mitsubishi Electric's line of split-ductless and ducted heat pumps. The RedLINK-enabled split-ductless system is designed to maximize comfort and reduce energy costs.


For new and replacement installations as well as additions and retrofits, Raypak's TempTracker Mod+ Hybrid control is capable of integrating all Raypak and most other major boiler platforms, company sources state. There can be a mix of stage-fire and modulation, condensing and non-condensing, all with the new optional BACnet® BMS link. It can also be used on existing and retrofit installations. |


The Rheem RGLE and RGPE Prestige Series Super Quiet 80 two-stage communicating line of upflow/horizontal, and dedicated downflow, gas furnaces equipped with the Comfort Control System is designed for installation in closets, alcoves, utility rooms or attics. The design is certified by CSA International.

The furnace provides advanced service-ability with more than 28 on-board diagnostics and fault history codes by detecting system and electrical problems. “Call for Service” alert notification is sent to the thermostat to alert the homeowner of required service. This includes seven segment LED and diagnostic history for easier system diagnostics and troubleshooting. |