Cooper-Atkins® Corporation Celebrates its 125th Anniversary!

July 20, 2010
The inventor of the first bimetal oven thermometer, David G. Cooper, founded The Cooper Thermometer Company in 1885.

The inventor of the first bimetal oven thermometer, David G. Cooper, founded The Cooper Thermometer Company in 1885. Since that time, Cooper-Atkins has built a solid reputation as a manufacturer and provider of quality temperature, time and humidity instruments. The Wallace family purchased the Cooper Thermometer Company in 1960.

During the 1960’s, the Cooper Thermometer Company expanded its brand with the development of three cooking lines. The acquisition of the Croydon Thermometer Company further expanded the consumer product line into weather instruments. Two separate marketing groups were established for the consumer and industrial markets to advance these new product lines.

In 1984, The Cooper Thermometer Company purchased the Industrial Division of (Electro-Therm) Electromedics in Englewood, Colorado. This acquisition immediately launched Cooper into the Digital Thermometer business and the company officially became Cooper Instrument Corporation.

Cooper Instrument acquired Atkins Technical in 2001, the leader in thermocouple technology. In 2002, KTG, Inc., was acquired, a developer of wireless solutions including temperature monitoring, handheld PDA applications including inspections and training, and innovative software solutions. We are committed to provide the right measuring instrument, tool or test equipment for the job to help our customers ensure healthy indoor environments through recognized IAQ applications.

Now, as Cooper-Atkins Corporation, we are meeting customers’ needs with the most comprehensive line of measurement solutions. As a proud member of the WEBNC Certified Women Owned Business, Cooper-Atkins has been led by Carol P. Wallace President and CEO since 1994.

For 125 years Cooper-Atkins has been a leading manufacturer of innovative environmental solutions. We have global reach, and are a trusted resource for reliable, high-quality instruments and expert advice. As the company continues to meet the needs of its customers, it will do so by not only remaining focused on the education and promotion of important industry issues, but by the dedication of providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction!

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