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Feb. 1, 2012
RESIDENTIAL American Standard American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning introduces the AccuLink Platinum ZV Control. This top-of-the-line control


American Standard

American Standard® Heating and Air Conditioning introduces the AccuLink Platinum ZV Control. This top-of-the-line control is built to provide smart, precise comfort management.

The AccuLink Platinum ZV Control features:

  • Scheduling and zoning: Permits customizable heating and cooling schedules to help homeowners reduce energy consumption whether at home or away. The addition of zoning components allows for balanced and constant temperatures room-by-room.

  • Alerts and reminders: Automatically alerts consumers if regular maintenance is required or if a filter needs changing. The screen can also display the local dealer's contact information for routine maintenance or repair.

  • Clean air cycle: Quick Clean and Allergy Clean cycles maximize clean indoor air for hours at a time or a whole day, to combat household odors or provide extended relief to allergy sufferers. |


The icomfort by Lennox system synchronizes Lennox's most advanced products with a sleek, menu-driven touchscreen thermostat.

The icomfort system is centered around the icomfort Touch thermostat. This easy-to-use, touchscreen thermostat is the brain of the system, sensing the environment and optimizing Dave Lennox Signature® Collection flagship products. The icomfort Touch features state-of-the-art technology. Intuitive, menu-driven programming screens make it easy to create a schedule that matches comfort level and lifestyle needs and can be programmed to conserve energy. |


Honeywell introduces the Prestige® 2.0 IAQ comfort system, a programmable thermostat system that meets the needs of both residential and light commercial applications. The two-piece design includes the thermostat and an equipment interface module (EIM) and communicates with each other using RedLINK wireless technology.

The Prestige 2.0 IAQ guides contractors through the system set-up process. Contractors can select “residential” or “commercial” using the installer programming feature. If “commercial” is selected, the thermostat will use commercial language and scheduling features, control algorithms to meet building codes and Title 24 compliance, offer override durations, occupancy initiation and economizer/time-of-day control. |

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Specifically designed to regulate the operation of a solar heating system, the Delta-T monitors collector and storage temperatures and automatically turns pumps on or off when the right temperature is reached. The controller can also provide additional functions, such as system freeze protection, storage tank high-limit shut-off and useful collector temperature operation.

Features include:

  • For use in open loop or closed loop systems.

  • Automated pump recirculation for freeze protection in open loop systems.

  • Tank high temperature limit shut-off.

  • Available as stand-alone unit or as standard component in Helio-Pak and Helio-Flo heat transfer appliances.

  • 2 pre-set temperature differentials. |


Exclusive to Rheem, Comfort Control2 System (CC2S) is a unique controls system and communicating thermostat that allows homeowners to access intuitive, advanced features such as humidity control and service. CC2S also provides 28 on-board diagnostic codes and fault history codes by detecting system and electrical problems. It is a standard feature of certain Rheem heating and cooling units, such as the Rheem Prestige Series 18-SEER, R-410A two-stage premium condensing unit, the Rheem Prestige Series High Efficiency two-stage heat pump and the Rheem Prestige Series Modulating 95 Percent A.F.U.E. Gas Furnace feature.

CC2S offers several benefits, including:

  • Easy System Management: The 500 Series thermostat that's included with the CC2S allows homeowners to easily and intuitively program maintenance reminders for filters, humidifiers and other IAQ products. They can also manage the relative humidity of the home and program fan speeds for continuous air circulation, providing increased comfort and IAQ benefits.

  • Precise Timing for Comfort: Homeowners can enable a feature called Intelligent Scheduling Ramp-Up that allows them to program the thermostat to reach a selected indoor temperature at a precise time. |

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New from Uponor, the Climate Cŏntrol Network System is a modular, expandable, integrated hardware and software package that connects all of a structure's heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) components to a single system for better energy efficiency, control and monitoring. The new system offers unique advantages to end users, whether it's the owner of a private residence or an owner, manager or tenant of a commercial building.

It features a graphical software package where users have the option not only to control their comfort from a wall thermostat, but they can also access the entire system via an optional high-definition touch panel interface or even a computer. The network system allows users to select which components they need now, and offers the flexibility to include additional components later. |


A. O. Smith

With a combination of innovative control features and modulating capabilities, A. O. Smith's new line of XP boilers and XP automatic circulating water heaters is the latest in high-efficiency fully condensing boilers. XP models are equipped with state-of-the-art stainless steel heat exchanger technology, which can achieve thermal efficiencies of up to 99 percent when used in low-temperature applications. The multi-pass/multi-burner heat exchanger is designed to optimize efficiency and minimize operating costs with every heating cycle. XP models are designed to be used in both hydronic and potable hot water applications ranging from large-volume, full-service hotels to schools and hospitals. |


The Buderus GB142 wall-mounted boiler uses advanced condensing technology to maximize the heating value of every cubic foot of natural gas or liquid propane. The small size and minimal clearance requirements of the GB142 boiler provide installation flexibility. All GB142 boilers now come with the AM10 outdoor reset control and DHW sensor for control of an indirect DHW tank. The GB142 is approved for 3-in. solid core PVC horizontal and vertical venting.

Specially designed with an appropriately sized circulator, this manifold ensures proper flow-rate through the unit. This feature greatly extends the service life of the GB142. By simplifying the piping, the GB142 manifold allows for quicker, easier and trouble-free installation. |


The Vantage boiler, which has been available since 2003 as an ultra-high efficiency condensing hydronic boiler, is now drawing attention for its ability to use B100 bio-diesel and ultra-low sulfur (under 15 ppm) heating oils for full condensing operation. The nearly sulfur-free characteristics of B100 biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil have allowed for new developments. The B100 biodiesel Vantage boiler is commercially available up to 4 million BTUH, and is capable of configurations for liquid fuel, natural gas or dual fuel operation. For boiler installations that do not yet have biodiesel or ultra-low sulfur heating oil available, boiler controls can allow the boiler to be fired short-term with conventional #2 heating oil in non-condensing mode. |


The new Magna variable-speed wet rotor circulator from Grundfos uses a patented Autoadapt feature that controls pump performance automatically within defined performance range, ensuring lowest possible energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. Standard features include:

  • Permanent magnet motor design that will avoid motor slippage problems common to induction-type motors, while delivering a starting torque four times higher than a standard induction motor.

  • Autoadapt function automatically modulates circulator performance to match ever-changing system demand, cutting power consumption by a minimum of 50 percent, as compared with other circulators in its class.

  • Integrated frequency converter with built-in intelligence to analyze current conditions and adjusts performance accordingly to ensure maximum efficiency during operation.