Rheem and RCR No. 29 Team Launch “Chasing the Cure” Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative

Sept. 28, 2011
Rheem and Richard Childress Racing (RCR) will mark National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a pink and black paint scheme on the renamed No. 29 Rheem Chasing the Cure Chevrolet for the Oct. 2 AAA 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race at Dover (Del.) International Speedway.

Rheem and Richard Childress Racing(RCR) will mark National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a pink and black paint scheme on the renamed No. 29 Rheem Chasing the Cure Chevrolet for the Oct. 2 AAA 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race at Dover (Del.) International Speedway.

The special paint scheme of the No. 29 Chevrolet, driven by Kevin Harvick, is part of a month-long program created by Rheem to help raise national awareness of the importance of regular check-ups and early diagnosis in the fight against breast cancer. Young Survival Coalition (“YSC”), the premier global organization helping young women face the challenges of breast cancer, expects that another 10,000 women under the age of 40 in the U.S. will be added this year to the 250,000 who have already been diagnosed. YSC works with survivors, caregivers and the medical, research, advocacy and legislative communities to increase the quality and quantity of life for women diagnosed with breast cancer ages 40 and under.

The Rheem Chasing the Cure program is a part of the company’s “Heart of Comfort” corporate responsibility initiative. Employees throughout Rheem are encouraged to support charitable efforts that strike a chord in their hearts, and bring comfort to others. JR Jones, Rheem president and CEO says, “The women and men of Rheem have joined together to help overcome the challenges of breast cancer as well as to hasten discovery of a cure. Cancer threatens millions of lives each year and breast cancer, in particular, challenges the hopes and dreams of individuals and families around the world, including those of Rheem employees and its distribution partners. Our Chasing the Cure initiative is one of thousands of large and small efforts throughout our nation during the month of October that hopes to contribute to bringing a halt to this challenging disease that threatens all of us.”

“All of us at RCR and ECR are proud to partner with Rheem on the No. 29 Chevrolet for the ‘Chasing the Cure’ program,” says Richard Childress, president and CEO of Richard Childress Racing. “It seems like almost everyone has been affected by breast cancer in one way or another, whether directly or through family members or friends. It hits close to home with all of us. I commend Rheem for its month-long effort to raise awareness of the importance of regular checkups as well as the great work done by the Young Survival Coalition. I also commend DeLana for raising further awareness at the track and through the media by wearing the special pink and black Rheem ‘Chasing the Cure’ firesuit on race day.”

DeLana Harvick, wife of Kevin Harvick, will wear a specially designed pink and black Rheem firesuit for the race. She will also present a duplicate version of her firesuit autographed by the entire No. 29 team to Young Survival Coalition during a media event at the Dover Monster Mile Speedway prior to the start of the race.

“I’ve had friends and family affected by breast cancer,” says DeLana Harvick. “With groups like the Young Survival Coalition and programs like Chasing the Cure, it’s a great way to promote awareness and early detection.”

Beginning in October, Rheem will launch a month-long contest on its Rheem Racing Facebook fan page to build awareness and garner support for breast cancer awareness. The contest will encourage breast cancer survivors to share their best celebratory photo and a 200-word description about why this photo is poignant. The winning entry will be selected by Rheem, RCR and the Young Survival Coalition; Rheem and RCR will award the winner and companion with a VIP trip and racing experience to the season-ending November 20, 2011, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in South Florida. Rheem Facebook visitors can also request a free Chasing the Cure window sticker. In addition, Rheem has pledged to donate one dollar for the first 10,000 Rheem Facebook fans who pledge one dollar or more to Young Survival Coalition. The No. 29 crew will wear special pink and black Rheem Chasing the Cure T-shirts and hats for the Dover race; these hats and shirts, as well as a special ladies T-shirt, will be on sale at the RCR merchandise hauler at Dover as well as online at the RCR team store. All proceeds will be donated to Young Survival Coalition.

It’s important to know your body and know what’s normal for you. If you notice any changes, make sure you visit your doctor. A healthy diet and a regular fitness regimen are also important ways of reducing the incidence of cancer. Healthy cooking and small amounts of moderate daily activity can significantly lower lifetime risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. “Young Survival Coalition is excited to partner with Rheem as the benefiting charity of the Chasing the Cure initiative,” said Jennifer Merschdorf, CEO, Young Survival Coalition. “This program is a wonderful way to educate the thousands of young female NASCAR fans of the fact that there are over a quarter million women living in the U.S. today who were diagnosed with breast cancer before their 41st birthday. We are thrilled that Rheem, RCR and DeLana Harvick are taking up the call to help raise awareness that young women can and do get breast cancer.”

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