Tech Update

Dec. 1, 2011
Arzel Arzel announced its latest in comfort and efficiency technology with the GTPro, the industry's first zone control created specifically for geothermal


Arzel announced its latest in comfort and efficiency technology with the GTPro, the industry's first zone control created specifically for geothermal applications. GTPro is an innovative zone control system designed to maximize the strengths and requirements of residential and light commercial geothermal systems.

The GTPro analyzes indoor and outdoor air temperatures, and monitors loop temperature and multi-point thermostat data to maximize service efficiency, operational control and comfort. By measuring loop temperature, the GTPro allows for more precise system monitoring to save time, money and energy. |

Daikin AC

Daikin AC announces a new intelligent touch controller software upgrade with advanced features for use with the VRV, SkyAir and Split System family models. The new software has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the North American Market. |


Ecobee announced that its Energy Management System (EMS) is now available for the commercial market. According to company sources, the EMS is ideal for applications where a simple programmable thermostat doesn't provide adequate controls and functionality, and a full-scale building automation system is too complex and cost prohibitive.

Just like the smart thermostat, the EMS boasts the same easy-to-use features such as a full color LCD touch screen and programming wizard. It's also WiFi-enabled and provides users with a dedicated management portal that can be used to remotely monitor, identify, analyze and trouble-shoot performance issues. |


The Emerson Blue commercial thermostats can be dedicated programmable or non-programmable and can be either battery-powered with power stealing assist or hardwired. These thermostats also offer the standard, industry-recognized Emerson Blue thermostat features, including a limited temperature range for energy savings, backlit displays, exclusive Cool Savings features to save energy during peak demand periods and an automatic daylight savings option. |

Jackson Systems

The Comfort System Z-2000 is a commercial zone control system that allows a single HVAC unit to have up to 20 individual zones. Each zone is controlled by its own space thermostat and a modulating zone damper or diffuser. The Z-2000 works with single stage, multi-stage or heat pump systems and has an auxiliary heat control option for each zone. The Z-2000 is competitively priced and easy to install, with no programming required.

It features fully modulating zone dampers and diffusers, up to 20 zone control and auto changeover. It works with single-stage, multi-stage or heat pump systems. No programming is required, and an auxiliary heat control option is available for each zone. |

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls commercial comfort systems now feature a complete factory assembled package of equipment, controllers, sensors and terminal units. An innovative touch-screen user interface provides a simple way to control building comfort. The controllers are self-tuning to predefined settings. |


Standard on every Lennox Energence® rooftop unit, the Prodigy control system featuring the SmartWire system controller provides intelligent operation of the rooftop unit to ensure maximum reliability, efficiency and comfort. The Prodigy control system tracks the runtime of every major component, allowing for a detailed system performance evaluation as well as operational optimization. |

Mitsubishi Electric

The TC-24 touch screen centralized controller is made for small-footprint, multi-tenant and mixed-use commercial applications that require individual control capabilities. The TC-24 controller includes a modern, high resolution, 5-in. LCD touch screen user-interface design. It allows for independent and batch-mode control for up to 24 Mitsubishi Electric indoor air handlers, LOSSNAY® ERV or split-zoning ductless and ducted units with an M-Net adaptor or DIDO channels. |

PSG Controls

A new commercial version of PSG's popular Freedom Advantage programmable series offers all of the same features as Freedom Advantage with new and improved software and commercial programmable fan control. It meets ASHRAE building occupancy standards.

The Freedom Advantage series provides one secure control with multiple lockout levels for property management and residential/commercial needs.

This one thermostat is applicable for single and multi-stage applications. It has flexible programming schedules: 7-day, 5-2 or 5-1-1. In addition, it offers multiple levels of lockout, allowing a property manager, building owner or facility manager to specify setpoint limits or prevent tenant/employee access. |

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric announced the release of its new Web-hosted remote energy monitoring service, EnergyView Online. Acting as an energy information portal for the building, energy or facility manager, EnergyView Online easily integrates with a building's existing or new energy meters, linking them through an Internet gateway, to allow for 24-7 Web access to a building's energy usage statistics. Energy data files are automatically routed to secure servers where they can be viewed by the customer through a Web browser, providing the real-time information and figures needed to identify areas where corrective actions could be taken to more effectively manage energy and decrease costs. |

Synex Controls

The inSite for ModSync tool provides a private portal for remote Web-based access to a facility's boiler room controls. Used in conjunction with the Synex ModSync sequencing system, the inSite for ModSync interface provides real-time boiler system status using any traditional Web browser, including a Web-enabled cell phone. |


The Digi-Zone panel, model MDP3 from ZoneFirst, controls up to three zones and is expandable up to 103 zones with the additional MDZA two zone panels. The MDP3 features a LCD digital display for easy system configuration and settings. The digital display replaces the dip switches and dial settings for temperature and timing — making for more precise control. |