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Jan. 1, 2011
When you're searching for the best product available or simply looking for something new to sell, how do you differentiate between the common and the

When you're searching for the best product available or simply looking for something new to sell, how do you differentiate between the common and the best? HVACR Distribution Business has made it easier for you with the first-ever listing of our 2011 STAR PRODUCTS. We invited the HVACR industry's top manufacturers to share one of their best products for 2011. Our STAR PRODUCTS places all these exciting items in one easy-to-read special section to help you make a better buying decision and to give you a glimpse of the best new products entering the market.


The new inverter rotary compressor series for R-410A is available in size ranges of 2 to 4 hp which is designed for 23.5 or higher SEER. The R2 rolling piston rotary compressors designed for 13 SEER and higher residential air conditioners are available in 1 to 3 ton models for R-410A. The compressors feature design characteristics that enhance compressor life and noise reduction.


Airtec Products, Fall River, Mass., (, 800/324-7832, introduces the Minisplit Accessories Series, an entire collection of installation accessories needed for efficient, code-compliant and aesthetic minisplit installations.

  • Wall Sleeves for Linesets — For clean and smooth passageway protection of linesets.

  • Condensate Trap — Gravity drained evaporators need an in-line waterless, freeze-resistant trap.

  • Condensate Pump — Some minisplit installations need a condensate pump.

  • Support Pad — Condensers can be wall-mounted with brackets, or ground-supported with slab stand or riser footings on a slab, or roof mountings for sloped roofs.

  • Lineset Duct Cover — Lineset protection ducting, fittings and accessories improve aesthetics.

  • Locking Cap for Schraeder Valve — Locking caps to prevent refrigerant theft, leakage and teenage “huffing.”

  • Drain hoses, couplings and adaptors.

Free Minisplit Accessories catalog available upon request at 800/324-7832.

Amana® brand ASZC18 Heat Pump Uses Advanced Technology to Deliver Premium Performance

ComfortNet Communicating Control, high energy efficiencies, low sound levels combine with industry-leading, lifetime limited warranty. With its two-stage, ultra high-efficiency compressor and ComfortNet system compatibility, the Amana® brand ASZ18 Heat Pump delivers some of the highest energy efficiencies and lowest sound levels available for residential HVACR split systems. The Energy Star-approved Amana is capable of an up to 18 SEER rating and up to 9.5 HSPF efficiencies. Built around a two-stage Copeland UltraTech scroll compressor — and combined with a ComfortNet Communicating Control — the Amana ASZC18 Heat Pump provides energy efficiencies that can translate into lower operating costs. Sound levels are minimized with Amana's sound control top design and a high-density foam sound cover for the compressor. Visit


The Tez Speed System, Appion's Tez8 with MegaFlow Speed Kit, rapidly evacuates ACR systems, removing moisture and contaminants that ruin refrigerants' ability to transfer heat and destroy a system's efficiency. Proper evacuation reduces service callbacks, improves ACR system longevity and ensures that manufacturers' designed Energy Efficiency Ratings are reached.

A revolutionary recirculating oil system continuously flushes the pump, removes contaminants, keeps internal components clean and allows technicians to change the oil without stopping an evacuation. In addition to this unique 5-Second Oil Change, the Tez Speed System also features four vacuum hoses, two valve core removal tools and a full 1/2" bore manifold. Every component is individually tested and rated to 20 microns. When you have the need for speed… Appion delivers.

New Arcoaire® Gas Furnaces

International Comfort Products, LLC (ICP) introduces a new line of Arcoaire® 80 percent AFUE gas furnaces, designed for easier installation and service.

  • Easier to Install — The units stand only 33-1/3 inches tall and weigh less than their counterparts in the previous 80 percent furnace line. Most models measure less than 21 inches wide to fit through narrow openings. Featuring a four-way multiposition design, these versatile new furnaces allow 13 different venting options to meet the needs of virtually any installation

  • Easier to Service — These new gas furnaces feature a thinner, lighter single-panel door with new patent-pending on/off door latches for easier service. A new-design LED sight glass makes diagnostic fault codes easier to read if the unit requires service.


The American Home Comfort Study found 73% of homeowners have settled for less comfort to keep heating and cooling costs down. Most of these homeowners will continue to battle comfort and energy problems as contractors offer zoning as a solution on only 23% of all replacement jobs. Now is your opportunity to take advantage and own this underserved market. Attack the opportunity left on the table by others and differentiate your accessory business by offering zoning. Arzel's HeatPumpPro is the easiest and most cost-effective technology to achieving maximum efficiency with heat pump systems. It provides all the features and control scenarios needed for most equipment including furnace, A/C, geothermal and dual-fuel applications along with being the best control for variable speed equipment.


Bacharach's new PCA®3 portable combustion analyzer with full color graphic display for superior visibility and user-friendly interface has the most sensor configuration flexibility in its class. In addition to the included Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensors, the PCA®3 can be ordered with CO (high), Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) sensors or the sensors can be added in the field without down time, using the B-Smart® pre-calibrated sensor options. PCA®3 is designed for on-demand or semi-continuous sampling of light industrial, institutional, commercial and residential furnaces, boilers and appliances. This lightweight analyzer directly measures and displays Flue Gas O2, CO (Hydrogen-Compensated), Stack Temperature, Draft, Differential Pressure, Combustion Air Temperature and optionally measures and displays NO, NO2 and SO2.

Broan iQ Drive® Furnace Delivers 97% Efficient Comfort

Modulating technology ensures constant comfort. Rated at 97% AFUE and higher, the Broan iQ Drive® modulating furnace creates constant, quiet comfort. It maintains very tight temperature control by adjusting its percent of firing to exactly offset the heating demands on the home. The furnace can modulate between 50 and 100 percent of capacity through the gas valve, and down to 15 percent through time proportioning. It reevaluates the heating load every 60 seconds. The system's iQ Drive controller features complete system monitoring, service notifications, error codes and on-board diagnostics. The Broan iQ Drive modulating furnace carries a 10-year parts warranty and Quality Pledge; product registration required. For details, please visit or contact R.E. Michel Company, the exclusive distributor of Broan heating and cooling products.

Tranquility Series Indoor Split Geothermal Unit

The Tranquility Split Geothermal System consists of the Tranquility Indoor Split Unit (TTS) and the Tranquility Air Handler (TAH). When paired together, this series has among the highest efficiency rating of any geothermal system on the market today. The Tranquility split system easily connects to new or existing fossil fuel and electric furnaces, and uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant, EarthPure® HFC-410A.

Coleman's New Echelon Communicating Control Opens Door to Business Opportunities

Intuitive device ensures maximum system efficiency and precise comfort control to provide a competitive edge

The new Echelon Communicating Control from the Coleman® brand of HVACR products from Johnson Controls Building Efficiency business unit, the global leader in delivering products, services and solutions that increase efficiency in buildings, combines cutting-edge, high-definition touch screen technology with an intuitive, graphically driven interface for maximum system efficiency and revolutionary comfort control. The Echelon Communicating Control satisfies home- owners as well by providing precision control that meets a wide range of home comfort requirements. The device's aesthetically pleasing design fits cleanly into any décor and features a high-definition, easy-to-read display and user-friendly touch screen that can be programmed for vacation and custom schedules, ensuring convenience and energy savings. Visit


Comfort-Aire's InverterFlexTM multi-zone ductless mini-splits allow cooling and heating of two, three or four separate rooms with a single outdoor condenser. Interior air handlers come in 9,000 and 12,000 BTUH capacities and can be mixed and matched to best match room requirements. Low ambient operation allows cooling and heating when the outdoor temperature is as low as 5° F.

Outdoor condensing units come in 18,000, 27,000 and 36,000 BTUH capacities and can be installed up to 82 feet from the condenser. Each indoor air handler operates independently with a fully featured remote.

Inverter technology saves an estimated 40% or more on energy consumption, and maximizes comfort by reducing temperature fluctuations. Not only does the unit reach the desired temperature quickly, itprovides precise temperature control.

New Comfortmaker® 80 Percent AFUE Gas Furnaces

International Comfort Products, LLC (ICP) introduces a versatile new line of smaller, lighter Comfortmaker® 80 percent AFUE gas furnaces. Comfortmaker 80 percent gas furnaces are covered by a 10-year limited warranty on parts upon timely registration and a 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger, and up to 10 years of No Hassle Replacement limited warranty on SoftSound models. (Limited warranty period is 5 years for parts if not registered within 90 days of installation. Jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned on registration will receive 10-year parts limited warranty.) The No Hassle Replacement limited warranty provides a new equivalent replacement unit should the heat exchanger fail during the No-Hassle period (labor allowance for the dealer).

ComfortNet Communicating Technology Provides Unparalleled Control Over Indoor Temperatures & Humidity

Simple to install and configure indoor ComfortNet Communicating control maximizes HVAC system performance

The ComfortNet communicating control system from Goodman Global Group, Inc. provides the advanced diagnostics, ongoing monitoring and automatic corrections that Goodman® and Amana® brand high-efficiency HVACR systems need — in an affordable, easy-to-install, simple-to-use package. By actively monitoring and analyzing the entire HVACR system, the ComfortNet unit allows unprecedented control over indoor temperatures and humidity. Vastly simplified wiring and auto-configuration make it easy to set up a ComfortNet system. Dealers then use ComfortNet's advanced diagnostics and homeowner service alerts to provide responsive service. Visit, or

TM99A Thermistor Temperature Instrument

Cooper-Atkins Corp. announces the New TM99A Thermistor Temperature Instrument. It now comes with a 5-year instrument warranty, in a full view clamshell package including a 9339 soft carrying pouch. The soft carrying pouch allows the instrument to be transported safely in and out of facilities while the new sleek ergonomic design of the TM99A body offers the user an easier grip on the unit and simple operation with a condensed keypad.

The TM99A is an industry standard, ideal for those single temperature reading applications. Its features include a Min/Max Memory, temperature Hold display and Auto Shut-Off after 5 minutes of non-use. This Thermistor technology temperature instrument also includes a large backlit LCD for working in dark environments.

Copeland Scroll® UltraTech

The next generation Copeland Scroll UltraTech modulating compressor offers contractors an easy-to-apply solution to improve system efficiency and reliability for both air-conditioning and heat pump applications. Applied in premium residential systems, the next generation Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressor provides enhanced humidity control, greater efficiency and quieter operation to give homeowners increased indoor comfort levels and reduced energy bills. With its revolutionary modulating two-step capacity design, 100 percent at full-load and 67 percent at part-load, this compressor maintains precise temperature levels and significantly lowers relative humidity, ultimately eliminating uneven cooling peaks and valleys and allowing for improved overall cooling and heating performance. It offers contractors a solution that not only provides better part-load SEER performance, but also provides enhanced full-load EER performance. Visit


Quaternity by Daikin — Most Efficient Split System in North America

Quaternity's updated SEER Rating of 26.1 currently makes Daikin's Quaternity the most efficient split system in North America. Daikin's Quaternity (model number RXG09HVJU — FTXG09HVJU) has been rerated to achieve a SEER rating of 26.1 from The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), making it the most energy efficient single room system in North America. The Quaternity system, comprised of an indoor unit (FTXG) and outdoor unit (RXG), is available in 3 sizes with nominal cooling capacities of 9,000, 12,000 and 15,000 Btu/hr, with SEER levels respectively of 26.1, 24.2 and 21.0.

Danfoss ERC 102

The Danfoss ERC 102 is an electronic refrigeration controller that features up to 3 analogue and 1 digital inputs and 4 outputs, and allows controlling more than 200 different parameters to fit all individual requirements of end users in Glass Door Merchandiser and Commercial Fridges and Freezers segments. ERC 102 is especially developed for Glass Door Merchandisers (bottle coolers) and commercial fridges and freezers. Yet, it fits a wide range of Commercial Refrigeration OEM applications such as litre beer coolers and display cabinets as well.

New Day & Night® Gas Furnaces

The new Day & Night® 80 percent furnace line is designed to be easier to install and service:

  • Smaller Cabinets — The units stand only 33-1/3 inches tall.

  • Tighter Fit — The vent duct is engineered to run inside or outside the cabinet to allow for installation in tighter spaces.

  • Wide Range — These new gas furnaces provide heating and cooling capacities from 45 to 135 MBtuh and 800 to 2,200 CFM.

  • Versatile — These new gas furnaces are designed for multiposition installation, with 13 different venting options.

  • Higher SEER Coil Compatible — These new furnaces can be paired with new higher-efficiency “N” coils that can increase the efficiency ratings of split-system cooling.

  • Low-NOx Performance — Every model series offers options for furnaces that meet low NOx emissions standards.


DDI System's inform software powers the complete business needs of HVACR distributors driving them to greater efficiency, stronger profitability and lasting success. From sales orders through financial reporting and everything in between, we provide the integrated capabilities you need and the innovative enhancements you want. Take a step past your competition with built-in CRM, marketing and sales tools, executive reporting, single system e-commerce and much more. Our Windows software is easy-to-use and fully accessible anytime and from any computer. Enable your team with the only integrated solution that guarantees results within the first year! Call DDI System at 877/599-4334 or visit for more information.


DiversiTech Corp. now offers its newest pump technology — ClearVue. ClearVue is the only tank pump that works without a mechanical float — No Float, No Problem. ClearVue features iQ Technology and Floatless Sensor Technology that allow the pump to adjust its speed and lift as needed to adjust to current conditions. ClearVue also has a self-cleaning mode that helps clear clogs and keep condensate flowing to prevent problems. And ClearVue even offers a clear tank for easy troubleshooting. For more information, contact your DiversiTech distributor or visit

About DiversiTech. DiversiTech is North America's largest manufacturer of air-conditioning condenser pads and a leading supplier of components and related products for the HVACR industry.


DuPont ISCEON® MO99 (R-438A) is a versatile R-22 replacement refrigerant. It combines R-22 pressure-enthalpy characteristics with mineral oil compatibility in a unique HFC refrigerant that can be used in R-22 replacement over a wide range of evaporator temperatures. DuPont ISCEON® MO99 may be used in a wide range of applications and has advantages over other R-22 replacements. ISCEON® MO99 has been designed to closely match the pressure, temperature, enthalpy and mass flow properties of R-22, for a seamless R-22 replacement. For most R-22 systems, when retrofitting to ISCEON® MO99, all you need to do is recover the R-22, replace critical seals, charge refrigerant, restart and monitor for leaks, and you're done. R-22 replacement can't get any easier.


The ecobee Energy Management System (EMS) is the newest technology designed for the commercial market. It is ideal in applications where a simple programmable thermostat does not provide adequate controls and functionality and a full-scale building automation system is too complex and cost prohibitive. Through a dedicated management portal, users can remotely monitor, identify, analyze and troubleshoot performance issues. Manage the temperature and operational settings of an unlimited number of thermostats in multiple locations from a central site and take action immediately. The configuration protocol allows for grouping of thermostats and multiple users with the flexibility to provide each user with varying degrees of accessibility and operating permissions.

Fantech Light Commercial HRVs and ERVs

Fantech can help you increase sales and profits with its expanded line of HRVs and ERVs designed for light commercial applications. Sizes from 690 CFM to 1410 CFM. Collection includes two specialized HRVs for indoor pool and spa areas. All models are designed with contractor friendly features that simplify installation. Units are AHRI Certified for performance and carry a 7-year motor warranty. For more information, visit or call 800/747-1762.

The Healthy Home System by Field Controls

This unique system turns the forced air system of any home or small business into a Healthy Home System. The system consists of three components that work together to provide air that is Fresh, Clean, and Pure. The Fresh Air System regulates fresh air intake and helps circulate fresh air pursuant to ASHRAE standard 62.2. The Media Air Cleaner uses MERV 8 or MERV 11 filtration to automatically clean the air in the home. The UV-Aire® purifies the air with UV germicidal light. It works to destroy airborne mold, bacteria, viruses and fungi. When installed over the air-conditioning coil, it kills mold on the coil and in the drain pan. For more information, visit or call 252/522-3031.


FreshAire UV's New APCO, Absorptive Photo Catalytic Oxidation, has been ranked the #1 Air Purification product for 2010 by major service contractors. The advanced Activated Carbon cells with over 17,000 molecular square feet absorbs contaminants (mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, odors and chemicals/VOCs) in the air stream and the Germicidal UVC light and PCO react to neutralize them. The Carbon cells, impregnated with titanium dioxide, are warranted for a Lifetime as the PCO reaction regenerates the cells constantly. The Power Supply also has a Lifetime Warranty. The APCO mounts in the supply air stream, and also irradiates the Coil and Drain Pan, for 99.9% sterilization. Single and Dual, as well as larger Commercial systems are now available. Call FreshAire UV at 800/741-1195 for details.


Friedrich Air Conditioning, long known for manufacturing high-quality, commercial-grade room air conditioners, introduced its Kühl and Kühl+ (cool plus heat) products in 2010. Built for the world's most demanding environments, these products were tested for two years to meet the company's high performance standards. Commercial-grade durability is assured with heavy-gauge steel construction and rugged components. Sound-reduction technology delivers quieter operation. A 7-day programmable thermostat allows for energy management options including up to four pre-scheduled temperature changes per day. Advanced dual-stage filtration achieves up to a MERV 6 rating. 7,900-36,000 BTU/h. Cooling only, heat pumps and cooling plus electric heat. Ten Energy Star qualified models. With a 128-year history, Friedrich is an industry-leading pioneer in the air- conditioning field. Visit or call 877/599-5665.

Frigidaire iQ Drive® Heat Pump and Modulating Furnace

Industry's most efficient split system. Achieving up to 22 SEER, 10 HSPF and 14.6 EER, the Frigidaire iQ Drive® heat pump uses inverter-driven rotary technology to modulate anywhere from 40 to 118 percent of capacity, instantly adjusting to exactly offset the demands on the home. It runs almost constantly at a low level and operates as low as 59 decibels, making it the industry's quietest split-system heat pump. When paired with the Frigidaire iQ Drive fully modulating gas furnace rated at 97% AFUE and higher, the iQ Drive heat pump also creates the industry's most efficient dual-fuel system. The Frigidaire iQ Drive heat pump is available in 2, 3 and 4 tons. For more information, visit or

A/C Brackets

All 14ga hot dipped galvanized steel construction.

  • Long life — won't rust if scratched.

  • Pre-punched holes for attaching equipment to brackets.

  • Beveled safety corners.

  • 250 lb. load capacity per bracket.

  • Made in the USA by union sheet metal workers.


    Genetron® Performax LT (R-407F) is the perfect refrigerant for new supermarket installations or R-22 retrofits. It is the best performing, lowest-global-warming-potential refrigerant for new supermarket installations with industry-leading capacity, efficiency and superheat retention versus other HFCs. Genetron Performax LT also delivers mass flow that identically matches R-22 performance in supermarket R-22 retrofits, protecting valuable compressors and eliminating the need for expansion valve changes. Genetron Performax LT is an A1-rated refrigerant (low toxicity and nonflammable). It is 100 percent non-ozone depleting and is SNAP approved. Genetron Performax LT is a pure HFC and requires synthetic lubricants. The refrigerant is available through Honeywell Genetron wholesale suppliers in 25# JUG, 115# Cylinder and Bulk. For more information, visit


    Genteq, a division of Regal Beloit Corp., has introduced the new Eon motor as the next generation for the original ECM 2.3 motor. The motor is the flagship in residential HVACR furnaces and air handlers, commercial variable air volume systems and fan filter units. Eon is a lighter, more compact variable speed ECM that is backward compatible with the existing ECM 2.3 motor and fits easily into existing systems.

    GeoSystems Announces a New Split System; Four-Ton Unit Added to the DualTEK Product Line

    GeoSystems® has introduced the ECONAR Ultra Split systems and the addition of a four-ton unit to the ECONAR DualTEK product line. The new Ultra Split System is available in two models — the Air Handling Split or Dual Fuel Split. The Air Handling Split System consists of both the refrigeration unit and air handling unit and replaces a conventional furnace. The two components provide flexibility where space is limited or where a unitary system could be difficult to install. The Dual Fuel split system consists of a refrigeration unit connected to an air coil, which will be installed in the customer's existing furnace plenum. For more information about ECONAR, visit


    The Original Star of the Turbo Family of Products. This one motor-run capacitor covers over 200 of the most popular sizes of HVACR capacitors. The Turbo200 is 370/440 voltage and covers 2.5 to 67.5MFD single or dual values. All Turbo products are made 100% in The U.S.A. in the American Radionic's Factory located in Palm Coast, Florida, and are backed by a 5-year warranty. This technician friendly capacitor is easy to use; with the color coded labels, simple math is all that is needed to configure proper settings. These capacitors are all burned in to ensure longevity and endurance. Product sold exclusively through Global Master Distributor. For questions, call Global Customer Service at 800/531-5967.


    The Hart & Cooley, Inc. SMART EAC1000 Electronic Air Cleaner is MERV 16 equivalent with the ability to generate 24,000 volts DC of cleaning power to remove up to 99% of respirable particles from a home's air. It operates at a low static pressure, optimizing air flow, increasing blower efficiency and saving homeowners up to 30%. Its unique design uses polarization technology that offers high efficiency filtration without traditional EAC tradeoffs, such as arcing, ozone and high maintenance. It's available in a filter grille mount design with 22 sizes, a furnace mount design with cabinet for new installations or with retrofit tracks for installations into existing cabinets. Hart and Cooley, Inc., 5030 Corporate Exchange Blvd. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512; 800/433-6341;; [email protected].

    New Heil® Gas Furnaces

    A versatile new line of Heil® 80 percent AFUE gas furnaces is designed for easier installation and service.

    • Smaller Cabinets — The units stand only 33-1/3 inches tall.

    • Easier to Handle — These new gas furnaces weigh less than their counterparts in the previous 80 percent furnace line.

    • Easy Access — A thinner, lightweight single-panel door features new patent-pending on/off door latches for easier removal.

    • Easier-to-read Sight Glass — A new-design LED sight glass makes diagnostic fault codes easier to read.

    • Full Range of Capacities — Provides heating and cooling capacities from 45 to 135 MBtuh and 800 to 2,200 CFM.

    • Multiposition — These new gas furnaces are designed for multiposition installation, with 13 different venting options to meet the needs of virtually any installation.


    One Shot® (C) is one of the most affordable non-ozone depleting low temperature refrigerants on the market today. One Shot® (C) replaces R-402A, R-402B, R-404A, R-408A, R-502 and R-507A. One Shot® (C) also replaces R-22 for low-temperature applications. One Shot® (C) replaces many CFCs and HCFCs while maintaining excellent performance and provides ample oil return in mineral oil-based systems without any significant engineering changes. It's ready for use in both new and legacy systems. One Shot® (C) is nonflammable, nontoxic and designated ASHRAE A1. It has zero ozone depletion potential. It has higher capacity and COP than R-404A and R-507A, yet a lower compression ratio and 20% less global warming potential. For more information, go to or call 800/497-6805.


    JB Industries' DV-40 Supernova Micron Gauge allows you to be certain when a system is properly evacuated of air and moisture before charging with refrigerant. Accurate from 12,000 microns down to 10 microns and backed by a 12-month warranty, the SUPERNOVA features a large LCD screen with many user defined programmable options. These programmable options include the duration of the backlight, programmable shut-off, and the ability to set alarms when the system reaches a defined mark. The SUPERNOVA is factory calibrated and requires no additional calibration. The brass fitting is on a lengthy flexible cord for hard-to-reach places. Should the sensor get contaminated, clean it with simple alcohol. Make service calls more efficient without sacrificing quality.

    Variable Speed Drive Series

    The use of variable speed drives in HVACR systems gives building owners the opportunity to increase energy savings and reduce maintenance compared to constant speed systems. The Johnson Controls Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Series uses intelligent drive technology engineered specifically for HVACR fan, pump and temperature control applications. As part of a total control solution, the VSD Series will save energy and operating costs. With the VSD Series, even fractional horsepower motors can benefit from the performance advantages provided by variable speed drives. Plus, it's an ideal retrofit solution to improve the efficiency of inlet guide vane air handling systems. A return on investment can be realized within one year.

    Model Number: 3120UL

    Lambro Industries introduced the model number 3120UL, a Semi-Rigid Flexible Aluminum Transition Duct designed to comply with UL Standard 2158a for venting clothes dryers. Clothes dryer transition ducts intended for venting the exhaust air of electric and gas clothes dryers of household or commercial type. The 3120UL consists of one piece of 4"×8' Semi-Rigid Flexible Aluminum Transition Duct and two Galvanized Worm Gear Clamps. The kit comes retail packaged in a printed polybag with installation instructions and a UPC. Contact Information: Lambro Industries Inc., P.O. Box 367, Amityville, NY 11701; 800/645-2860. Home Office Contact: Garry Speight, 815/579-6848, email: [email protected].

    Lau Air Curtain

    Lau LAD (without electric heat) and LHAD (with electric heat) Series Air Curtains can be used in a variety of locations and applications. They are designed to keep air, dirt, dust, fumes, insects and pollen outside while maintaining a cleaner, healthier environment inside. Typical applications include insect prevention at restaurant doors, thermal barriers at shopping mall entrances and wind resistance and temperature separation at factory freight doors.

    Lau Air Curtains save energy and lower building operation costs because they reduce heat loss or gain through open doors or windows while enabling traffic to flow unobstructed. They also improve energy efficiency by reducing the load on the building's HVACR system while maintaining a comfortable air temperature indoors.


    New Acclimate Communicating Control from Luxaire® Integrates System Components for Efficiency and Comfort

    Control design delivers time-saving and business-boosting features

    The new Acclimate Communicating Control from Luxaire® appeals to both homeowners and contractors as it reaches out and communicates with every smart Luxaire device in a home comfort system, from air conditioners and furnaces to other system accessories. The product is offered by Johnson Controls Building Efficiency business unit, the global leader in delivering products, services and solutions that increase efficiency in buildings.

    Homeowners will appreciate the control's stylish, easy-to-use, high-definition touch screen that ensures precise comfort control, displays maintenance reminders and provides the ability to custom program for convenience and energy savings.

    Contractors will find the unique control design delivers a number of time-saving and business-boosting features. Visit Luxaire Acclimate Communicating Control at


    The Malco PEX To Wire Tool and Clip system is the least labor intensive method for securing a PEX tubing in-floor radiant heating layout on a wire grid. The tool features a 25-count clip capacity magazine feed that speeds through the PEX installation. Malco heavy-duty 12-gauge (2.5 mm) steel clips will not jam, break or abrade tubing. A generous opening and inside diameter makes these proprietary clips safe to use for all PEX to wire fastening applications and with all brands of PEX tubing from 3/8" (10 mm) to 3/4" (19 mm) diameters. The innovative tool design features “RedLine” handles for comfortable one hand operation, including a durable, easy-open/easy-close ambidextrous latch. Visit


    The new MARS pump design couples industry leading performance, reliability and quiet operation with the installation flexibility and features you need to get the job done. Durable ABS construction, drip proof housing and a heavy duty, thermally protected ball bearing motor provide reliability and extended service life.

    Key features:

    • 24 ft. lift.

    • A quick release silicone check valve allows for quick and efficient valve servicing without the need to remove the condensate line.

    • A standard safety switch can be wired for equipment shut down or directly to a high level alarm.

    • Installation includes side mount hangers and rubber foot mount for stability and noise isolation.

    • Available in 115 volt and 230 volt versions, with or without 3/8 condensate tubing.


    Mastercool introduces its new 4-Way Digital Manifold Kit (part number 99961) with data logging capability and stored P-T data for over 60 refrigerants. The manifold can record as many as 15 individual jobs combined for a total of 24 hours. The large, easy to read, LCD displays pressure, saturated and actual temperatures, as well as superheat and subcool temperatures. The clamp-on thermocouple probe measures actual temperature allowing the manifold to calculate and display superheat and subcool temperatures simultaneously. The thermocouple vacuum sensor measures deep vacuum accurately and quickly. The 4-Way ball valve manifold design includes 3/8" bore through the block for increased flow. For additional information, please contact Mastercool at 973/252-9119 or

    Most Efficient Air-Source Heat Pump Available

    Maytag iQ Drive® heat pump system achieves 22 SEER.

    Rated at up to 22 SEER and 10 HSPF, the Maytag iQ Drive heat pump is the country's most efficient air-source heat pump. It's 70 percent more efficient than a standard heat pump system and so quiet, it's hard to tell if it's running. The Maytag iQ Drive heat pump uses inverter-driven rotary technology to achieve high efficiency levels. It can modulate anywhere from 40 to 118 percent of capacity, instantly adjusting to exactly offset the demands on the home.

    While traditional air-source heat pumps cycles on and off, the iQ Drive runs almost constantly at a low level. This makes a huge difference in comfort and sound levels, especially at night. Visit or

    New 570 Ton Daikin McQuay Magnitude Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers

    Ideal for Schools and Hospitals, Chiller Reduces Energy and Operating Costs and Increases Comfort.

    The Daikin McQuay® Magnitude centrifugal chiller, already known for its oil-free, magnetic bearing design, is now available in models with up to 570 tons of capacity, making it ideal for mid- to large-size buildings such as schools, universities and hospitals. With industry-leading efficiency, low sound levels and a compact footprint, the Magnitude chiller helps owners reduce energy and operating costs, create a comfortable environment and meet requirements for sustainable design, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification criteria. “The larger 570-ton units are a natural evolution of magnetic bearing compressor technology,” said Ray Good, director of chiller product management for McQuay.

    Midwest Snips® Offsets the No. 1 Brand Snip for HVACR Pros

    Midwest Snips® offset aviation snips are lab and field test proven to be the longest lasting, best cutting, easiest to use compound leverage aviation snips on the market today. Hot drop-forged molybdenum alloy steel blades are the strongest and most durable and have a cutting edge that outlasts all others. Midwest Snips® offsets are the easiest to use because they require the least hand force to operate and they stay in adjustment for optimum cutting performance even after extensive use on heavy gauge sheet metal because the pivot bolt is threaded into the blade. And the heavy-duty double overwind spring is guaranteed forever. Midwest Snips® exceed all ASME standards and are 100% Made in USA. They're faster, easier and safer.


    Mincron Software announces its next generation ERP solution for Wholesale Distributors. In this competitive market, you need a solution that creates powerful views of your employee's specific information and allows them to perform more effectively. Mincron has developed a unique workbench design that allows simple integration with MS office products and incorporates drag and drop imaging. The workbench allows the employee to be at optimum efficiency by creating views that are specific to their functions. By taking advantage of today's larger screens, Mincron allows a user in order management to see all notes, credit, order history and pricing in one view. This added visibility guides your employees to make smart decisions and up-sell and improve margins. Call 800/299-7010 x3031 for details.


    Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Solutions has introduced the split-ductless M-Series STAR LINEUP, featuring updated indoor and outdoor units designed for maximum energy efficiency. The advanced MSZ-FE lineup includes models that are ENERGY STAR® rated and allow homeowners to take advantage of federal tax credits of up to $1,500. The systems offer high heating performance with operation possible down to minus 13 degrees F. Not only does the new STAR LINEUP leave contractors well positioned to take advantage of green opportunities and meet the needs of all consumers, the STAR LINEUP also features some of the highest SEER and HSPF ratings Mitsubishi Electric has ever offered, all while saving more than 40 percent on energy usage compared to standard window units.

    Mueller Streamline Line Sets

    Mueller Industries standard and mini split line sets are now UL Recognized at 700 PSI maximum working pressure. Mueller is the first and only company in the industry with line sets recognized by a third party to perform under the extreme operating pressures of R-410A refrigerant. Each line set comes in custom lengths to meet job requirements and is produced with long trusted Mueller Streamline copper tubing. Mueller's line set offering includes a full line of standard and mini-split options, various liquid and suction line diameters, insulation thicknesses, lengths, custom ends, connections, packaging and other services.

    For more information, please contact us at: Mueller Industries Inc., 8285 Tournament Drive, Suite 150, Memphis, TN 38125, 800/348-8464,

    OEM replacement parts at Neuco

    Neuco is now featuring replacement parts for over 19 OEM lines! They specialize in determining the exact part you require, so don't hesitate to ask the Neuco sales team for guidance. Some of the OEM lines Neuco can handle include… A. O. Smith, Aaon, Amana/Goodman, Armstrong Furnace, Carrier, Detroit Radiator, Heat Controller, ICP, Lennox, Lochinvar, McQuay, Nordyne, Raypak, Reznor, Rheem, Teledyne Laars, Trane, Weil McLain and York. Simply contact the Neuco sales team at 800/323-7394 for additional information. Also, an OEM List is available at

    NuTone iHybrid Packaged Unit Offers Two Fuel Sources

    Efficiency and comfort.

    The NuTone iHybrid Packaged System combines the electric heating and cooling convenience of a heat pump with a gas-heat furnace, making it a popular choice with homeowners who would like to go green. The iHybrid achieves up to 15 SEER, 80% AFUE and 8.0 HSPF. The popular dual-fuel unit operates at lower capacity during mild temperatures and at full capacity during harsher ones, reducing electrical consumption by almost 80 percent over conventional products. Four-stage heating and two-stage cooling with a variable-speed blower provide better comfort and perform more quietly than single-stage units. The NuTone iHybrid is available in 2 to 5 ton capacities. Visit NuTone heating and cooling products are only available at Noland and selected Winair and Winnelson locations.

    Panasonic's WhisperComfort Spot ERV

    WhisperComfort Spot Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) exhausts stale air from the home's interior and simultaneously supplies filtered fresh air from outside. Its low-rate, continuous run helps ensure that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemical and biological indoor air pollutants are vented out and replaced with fresh air. The WhisperComfort is unique in that it is the only ERV of its kind that can be ceiling-mounted, providing easy access for routine maintenance and is usable for spot or whole house ERV applications. WhisperComfort was engineered to meet the most stringent ventilation codes, is nearly half the price of other ERVs and is easy to install as it does not require a drain line. WhisperComfort also complies with Green building IAQ standards. Website:


    Paragon® Universal Defrost Timers are the only multi-voltage defrost timers engineered to refrigeration standards, certified to UL873 standards and rated to 30,000 cycles. At four defrost cycles per day, the Paragon Universal Defrost Timers are rated to last 16 years longer than competitive models. Features include:

    • Wires directly to 120V AC, 208V AC or 230V AC power sources without jumpers or switches.

    • Three simple steps: programming the time, defrost start and defrost end cycles.

    • Initiates 15-minute manual defrost.

    • Lighted display.

    • 100 hours of power loss protection for both time and defrost schedules.

    • Display shows defrost start time and duration.

    Trust Paragon for your defrost needs.

    Hail Guard Netting Protects AC Fins

    Permatron Hail Guard is a rigid black polypropylene netting with 3/8" diamond shaped openings. Lightweight and easily cleaned, netting is used to deflect airborne objects and debris such as hail. Netting is UV protected, rot, weather and corrosion resistant. Sold in rolls 54" wide × 50' length, netting can be cut with scissors or utility knife. Plastic mounting kit is available and features a moveable tab that opens and closes for secure installation and easy removal for equipment cleaning. Netting can be used alone as hail guard or layered behind PreVent® Equipment Protection filter for added air intake protection. Visit our website,


    Airseal Zero is the best of both worlds — zero reportable VOCs, and the superior adhesion of a solvent-based duct sealant. It's one of a kind, formulated for indoor/outdoor use, dries to the touch in minutes and exceeds all SMACNA pressure and sealing classes.


    The APR Control transforms standard air-conditioning equipment into a variable capacity system. It stabilizes humidity and temperature, eliminates excessive cycling, extends equipment life and reduces operating costs. Available as a suction pressure or electronic actuated device. Designed for new and retrofit applications. The APR is installed in the condenser section of the unit (no external piping). Visit RAWAL.COM

    Raypak XPak Ninety Plus Wall Hung Hydronic Boilers

    The ultra-efficient Raypak XPak Ninety Plus Modulating-Condensing Wall Hung Boiler achieves 92.6% thermal efficiency at full fire. It is certified for CPVC, polypropylene and SS venting. Direct vent ready, contractors can install this XPak product as concentric vent or twin penetration for total job site flexibility. Two models are available, 87,000 and 119,500 BTUH. Includes a built-in pump for cost savings. The modulating gas valve and burner boasts up to 4.4:1 turndown, and the infinitely modulating condensing design meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® requirements. It utilizes an extruded, single-tube design made of 6063-T1 aluminum alloy for the heat exchanger. The unit requires less than 4 square feet of wall space for mounting, and it easily replaces old, larger, cast iron boilers.


    The “Refrigerant Mizer” Model RS-503/13-C3 is compact, lightweight and designed to be portable, capable of recovering R-503, R-13, R-23 and R-508B (SUVA-95), specialty refrigerants found in Cascade Systems and Environmental Test Chambers. Additional special features include simple operation, fully automatic, totally self contained, recovers into standard DOT-3AA cylinder, and is non-ambient temperature sensitive. It is microprocessor controlled, can recover to 25" Hg and operates on standard 120V AC. System does not require an ice bath or pneumatic air to operate. It is a complete independent operating unit. AHRI Certified as required by EPA. (These refrigerants require recovery units AHRI certified for this special class of refrigerants. Utilizing equipment not certified for this classification of refrigerants can result in fines of up to $10,000+ per occurrence.)

    Remtec International's Refrigerant Buyback and Recovery Program

    We want your used refrigerants!

    Our “No Hassle” program designed around the specific needs of the wholesale refrigerant industry provides you with a profitable way to dispose of your used refrigerants.

    • Pick up within 24 hours from anywhere in the country.

    • Top dollar for 99.5%.

    • Credit for R-22 as low as 90% purity.

    • Free disposal of mixed and unusable refrigerants.

    • Easy cylinder exchange program and Bulk Recovery.

    • We take care of the freight.

    • Complete paper trail for EPA recordkeeping.

    Contact Patti Ellingson, director of wholesale distribution at 419/575-9490 or [email protected] for more information.


    The Rheem Integrated Heating & Water Heating System Powered by Tankless Technology is an innovative cross-platform product that offers home heating and hot water from a single source. Unlike other products in the industry, this system is designed, built and warranted by a single manufacturer, ensuring seamless product integration that can create one of the most technologically advanced and energy-efficient home comfort systems possible. When a Rheem tankless gas water heater is matched with a Rheem hydronic air handler, hot water is circulated through the hydronic air handler to provide warmth and is then re-circulated back to the tankless water heater to ensure that no water is wasted. This pairing provides comfortable heat and humidity levels regardless of the climate.


    Robertshaw® thermostats are Simply the Right Choice when selecting a Deluxe Programmable Thermostat. Our i2 Series is designed to save you time and money. The i2 features our patent pending Set-up Wizard to reduce installation time by up to 50% over competitive models.

    The Contractor ID feature allows the addition of contact information with the option to schedule five service reminders so customers know when and who to call for service.

    • Easy programming.

    • Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments.

    • Trilingual display options.

    • Programmable memory storage.

    • Adjustable backlighting.

    • Humidity and temperature control.

    Robertshaw has more than 100 year of experience providing quality controls and service to the HVACR industry. We are dedicated to innovation, quality and dependability to make your job easier.

    Roth is proud to announce the launch of its geothermal heat pump products!

    The offering includes water-to-air and water-to-water heat pumps with all the accessories needed to complete a system. The water-to-water unit comes in 8 sizes from 2 to 12 tons, the water-to-air unit comes in 5 sizes, 2 to 6 tons. All Roth Geothermal Heat Pump models include two-stage operation, heating and cooling modes, desuperheaters for domestic water heating and are covered by a 10/5/5 standard warranty. Support tools are in place including a Geothermal design software package and complete technical documentation.


    RSES creates a win-win relationship and makes high-margin product line available to wholesalers and distributors as an additional revenue stream. Specifically, preparing for the NATE Exam is a series of training manuals designed to give HVACR technicians and installers the tools they need to master the key concepts required to pass the NATE certification examinations. Titles currently available in the series include: Core Essentials; Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps; Gas and Oil Heating; and Air Distribution. Electronic books for these titles are also available. Additional titles in commercial refrigeration and hydronics will be offered next year. Enhance your training product offerings today! For more information, contact RSES director of operations, Renee Tomlinson, at 800/297-5660 x4044, or [email protected].

    Ruud Ultra Series 18 SEER Condensing Unit Equipped with Comfort Control2 System

    Ruud Ultra Series 18 SEER Condensing Unit Equipped with Comfort Control2 System

    The Ruud Ultra Series 18 SEER, R-410A two-stage premium condensing unit equipped with the Comfort Control2 System (CC2S) adds yet another level of efficiency to the Ruud Ultra Series, which offers a complete line of air conditioning from 13 to 18 SEER.

    The industry-leading Comfort Control2 System is a unique electronic control panel, which offers contractors on-board diagnostics and access to operating histories and fault codes on an exclusive 7-Segment LED Display that speeds accurate diagnosis and eliminates time-consuming job site trial-and-error diagnosis.

    The 18 SEER Unit has a unique two-stage cooling system and on-demand dehumidification control capability and is highly efficient, with a minimum of 18 SEER and EER up to 14. Additional advantages include its quiet operation and improved IAQ.


    Sporlan complements the SER-C electric expansion valve with two additional sizes: SER-B and SER-D. This second generation line of patent pending SER valves has unique wide flow control characteristics that cover a range of 0.5 to 11 ton capacities. The advanced pin designs and high resolution step motors ensure precise low flow control without sacrificing maximum capacity. These features also result in 50% less power consumption over competing designs without sacrificing performance, including the highest MOPD in the industry.

    With all new uni-body construction and quad-position cables, these robust, compact and cost effective valves provide installation flexibility, increased corrosion resistance, and reduced leak paths. A perfect fit for today's demanding applications, including supermarkets, commercial A/C and transport.

    Contact Parker Hannifin — Sporlan Division at 636/239-1111.


    Providing the greatest torque increase in an easy 2-wire installation, SUPCO'S Ultrastart hard start kit solves the most difficult compressor starting dilemmas. Along with their starting benefits, Ultrastarts offer other reasons for incorporating their use in an air-conditioning system. By reducing start time by as much as 50%, the “in-rush” current period during startup is minimized, thereby saving energy costs and reducing stress on the compressor. Reduced stress leads to longer compressor life. Also, the introduction of a start capacitor increases the power factor during startup by as much as 65%, thereby providing additional stress relief for the compressor. Finally, by reducing startup time, nuisance flicker, noticeable by dimming of lights, is less apparent or eliminated.

    Premier VS-VH Vacuum System — High Efficiency Radiant Heating System

    For energy efficiency and improved comfort, upgrade old heating systems with SRP's state of the art Premier VS-VH high efficiency radiant heating system. Thermal efficiencies of up to 94%, depending on the configuration, are combined with the well known benefits of radiant heat to maximize fuel savings. The 100% efficient SRP reflector ensures all the infrared is directed where it is needed. The Premier VS-VH complements SRP's award winning Premier VS with smaller in-series burners offering the greatest layout flexibility in the industry. Now designs can be custom engineered to best suit the project with long or short, condensing or non-condensing system options.

    System Sensor InnovairFlex Watertight Duct Smoke Detectors Withstand Environmental Extremes

    Many facilities include an HVACR installation on the rooftop, which is exposed to a broad range of environmental extremes, including wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity. NEMA 4-rated InnovairFlex watertight duct smoke detectors are built to operate in the most challenging conditions without the need for bulky or costly enclosures. These detectors can operate in airflow speeds from 100 to 4,000 feet per minute, temperatures from -4°F to 158°F and humidity ranges from 0 to 95% (non-condensing). In addition, a watertight, UV-resistant housing provides protection against falling dirt, rain, windblown dust, splashing and hose-directed water. InnovairFlex watertight models are compatible with all InnovairFlex accessories. Visit

    Tappan Two-Stage, Variable-Speed 95% AFUE Furnace

    iSEER motor boosts cooling efficiency.

    The Tappan two-stage, variable-speed 95.1% AFUE gas furnace is available in upflow and downflow configurations. In addition to quiet, efficient operation, the furnace features iSEER technology that boosts cooling efficiency up to 1 SEER point when matched with a 13 or 14 SEER Tappan outdoor unit. The Tappan 95.1% AFUE furnace also includes some contractor-focused features, such as a low-profile 35-inch height, flexible category IV venting system, diagnostic lights that allow easy troubleshooting without having to count flashes, a sealed vestibule for quieter burner and inducer operation and a two-piece door design with captured screws. To learn more about the tough Tappan furnace, visit

    Tecumseh Celseon® Units for R-12 Replacement

    Tecumseh announces the availability of R-12 replacement capability to its growing line of Celseon® fractional horsepower indoor air-cooled condensing units. These units allow service personnel to quickly and easily perform R-12 system replacements where compressor change-out is not an option due to space or other limitations in low and commercial/high temperature applications. Industry estimates indicate millions of R-12 Commercial Refrigeration units are still operating in the United States. Many of these will require compressor service now and into the foreseeable future. These Tecumseh Celseon R-12 units offer a convenient, quick and easy service solution to the marketplace that eliminates the need for refrigerant flush or oil changeover. These six new units complement Tecumseh's complete line of Celseon available for use with R-134A, R-404A and R-22 refrigerants.

    New Tempstar® Gas Furnaces

    International Comfort Products, LLC (ICP) unveils a versatile new line of smaller, lighter Tempstar® 80 percent AFUE gas furnaces, designed for easier installation, service and sales. These new Tempstar 80 percent furnaces are available in four product families:

    • SmartComfort VS 80 — Premium model with variable-speed high-efficiency ECM blower, two-stage heating and two-stage cooling compatibility.

    • SmartComfort IIS 80 — Two-stage heating and two-stage cooling compatible.

    • SmartComfort XS 80 — High-efficiency ECM blower can deliver an increase in cooling efficiency that can translate to a higher SEER rating when paired with select Tempstar condensing units and evaporator coils.* The XS 80 is also compatible with two-stage condensers.

    • PS 80 — Single-stage heating model with PSC blower.

    Introducing Digital Combustion Analysis with NEW Graphic Display

    The Residential/Light commercial Testo model series 330 Combustion Analyzers now feature a unique, colorful graphic display for faster and more efficient combustion analysis. Use the high definition graph or fuel matrix in the Model 330-1G LL to see real time trending in boiler adjustments. The red and green matrix is definitive proof of boiler optimization and fuel efficiency. Easily toggle back and forth between the graphic display view and the numeric view. Use the 330 for daily combustion testing on gas and oil systems, carbon monoxide testing, CO2, O2 and efficiency checks, draft, differential temperature and pressure analysis. Additional features include large memory capacity, USB connectivity, 18 fuels, an optional NOx sensor and optional probes.


    Thybar Corporation designs and constructs seismic/wind load rated roof curbs. Rated curbs will resist the effects of site-specific forces determined according to the requirements of the International Building Code or other applicable codes.

    Curb walls are of heavy gage galvanized steel construction, and appropriate wall thickness is determined by project-specific analysis of curb wall stresses generated by the seismic/wind load acting on the rooftop unit.

    Seismic/wind load rated curbs can be provided in insulated, non-insulated and vibration isolated styles of various heights for sloped or flat roofs. Wood nailers are provided for attachment of roofing material. Project specific seismic/wind calculations provided for the roof curb, the connection of roof top equipment to roof curb and roof curb connections to building structure.

    XCHANGER Reversible Basement Fan

    Tjernlund's unique XCHANGER Basement Fan includes a dehumidistat control to automatically ventilate basements or other areas of stale, musty or smelly air. It features (2) 90 CFM fans that can exhaust air from inside, draw fresh outside air into the home or provide a balanced air exchange. Uses only 40 watts compared to over 1,000 watts for a typical dehumidifier, saving over $100/year in electricity. Great for damp, musty basements, garages, storage areas or cabins. Built-in dampers prevent unwanted air infiltration. Simple plug-in electrical. Optional plug-in speed control, timer and ducting kits available. Tjernlund Products, Inc., 800/255-4208,

    TOPAZ Portable Air Conditioners — TZ-18B

    Assembled in the USA, the TOPAZÒ TZ-18B offers 17,300 BTU/hr of portable cooling and plugs into a standard 115-volt outlet. The newly redesigned model uses environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant, offers snap-in accessories for easy installation and removal, and its smaller footprint takes up less floor space than other industrial portable air conditioners. The full TOPAZ line, available in 1-5 ton sizes, is constructed of powder-coated steel, offering portability even in the most rugged environments. TOPAZ cools quietly at office-acceptable sound levels and is ideal for emergency or supplemental cooling for construction, industrial and commercial applications.

    Trane Hyperion Air Handler

    Trane has forged new ground with the revolutionary Hyperion air handler. The Hyperion is constructed more like a refrigerator than a typical air handler, with insulation between the walls of the innovative Air-Tite II cabinet, which prevents condensation that may cause damage to the air handler itself or a consumer's home. In addition to eliminating “sweating,” the cabinet eliminates the loose fibers from fiberglass insulation that may enter the airstream with other air handlers. Hyperion's exclusive double-wall construction provides families with peace of mind and cleaner, safer indoor air. The ease of installation offered by the Hyperion comes from its modular design and smaller size. For the first time ever, installing an air handler can be a one-person job from start to finish.


    TrueEASE is a complete family of evaporative humidifiers that reduce contractor installation time and help improve the profitability of a contractor's business. The advanced design and patent-pending features of the TrueEASE whole-house humidification system offers maximum versatility and efficiency.

    TrueEASE is 20 percent faster to install than other evaporative humidifiers. The patent-pending interchangeable bypass eliminates the need to disassemble and rebuild the humidifier if the bypass direction needs to be changed.

    TrueEASE cycles water and air through the system only when humidity is needed, using up to 50 percent less water. It also helps save energy by eliminating the constant cycling of air.

    For more information on Honeywell's TrueEASE Humidification Systems or other indoor air quality products or controls, please visit

    EAGLE X Combustion Analyzer

    Imagine, no more oxygen sensor replacement. The Eagle X now makes that a reality by taking an entirely new approach to combustion testing by replacing the typical electro-chemical oxygen sensor with the new EOS Technology CO2 sensor. In an electro-chemical sensor, the gas measured passes into the sensor producing a chemical reaction generating a current. This process eventually wears down the sensor causing accuracy to drift and eventually losing all current output altogether. With the EOS Technology sensor, the gas flows between an Infrared transmitter and a receiver, meaning there are no parts to wear down and no physical cause for accuracy drifting. It has a 5-year limited warranty and an unmatched industry-leading life expectancy of 10 years.


    The ability to precisely manage airflow in a variety of operating modes is key to maximizing comfort. The new Unico System Green Series air handlers, combined with the new S.M.A.R.T. Control Board and the new EC motor, will provide the perfect amount of airflow whether cooling, heating or simply circulating air. With all the new features, the Unico System Green Series will provide:

    • Greater comfort in heating, cooling and circulation modes.

    • Availability in both 120v and 240v.

    • Perfect solution for multiple zoning capabilities without by-pass dampers.

    • Greater efficiencies when paired with 2 stage condensers.


    VENTS-US is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and offers a wide range of high quality ventilation products backed by extensive product knowledge, experience and high standards of customer care and satisfaction.

    VENTS-US TT fans combine high capabilities and features of axial and centrifugal fans with powerful airflow and minimum noise operating level. Ball bearing external rotor motor and thermal protection ensures 40,000 operating hours. Made of durable ABS plastic and rated for residential and commercial use. The motor and impeller combination enables TT fans to deliver high airflow performance typically found in extensive ventilation systems. The fans are very compact; the supporting brackets allow easy access to the internal parts. Airflow ranges from 73 to 1,300 cfm. TT fans carry a five-year limited warranty.

    Westinghouse 24.5 SEER iQ Drive® Air Conditioner

    Quiet, comfort, convenience.

    Rated at up to 24.5 SEER, the Westinghouse iQ Drive® air conditioner uses inverter-driven rotary technology, which is different from traditional air conditioners in that it is almost always running. The unit can modulate anywhere from 40 to 118 percent of capacity, instantly adjusting to offset cooling demands on the home. Because the iQ Drive unit doesn't cycle on and off like a traditional system, it saves energy and considerably reduces sound levels while providing exceptional humidity control. The Westinghouse iQ Drive air conditioner can also be zoned with the new iQ Zone system. For more information on the Westinghouse iQ Drive air conditioner, please visit or


    The White-Rodgers Single Stage HSI Integrated Furnace Kit — model number 50M56U-843 serves as a replacement kit for virtually all White-Rodgers and competitive single-stage carbide and nitride HSI systems. Designed with installation in mind, this kit includes everything contractors need for quick and accurate replacement, including a color-coded thermostat connection label, nine quick-select/quick-connect wiring harnesses, installation instructions and OEM cross-references. The Single-Stage HSI Furnace Kit allows contractors to simplify their inventory and installations by stocking one kit for most systems because it replaces both 80V and 120V ignitor applications. It also offers diagnostic assistance with features like system diagnostics with fault recall, a red LED light used for diagnostic flash codes and a cover label that displays the diagnostic table. Visit

    Johnson Controls Introduces York® Affinity Communicating Control for Total System Integration

    Revolutionary new control ensures maximum system efficiency

    Johnson Controls Building Efficiency business unit, the global leader in delivering products, services and solutions that increase efficiency in buildings, introduces the York® Affinity Communicating Control. This revolutionary new control communicates with all key components in a home comfort system, providing total system integration that ensures maximum system efficiency and homeowner comfort while equipping contractors with a reliable, distinctive tool to increase profits and build their business.

    The Communicating Control takes advantage of advanced digital technology to build a real-time system profile — displaying equipment and accessory status that provides contractors and homeowners with precise information and better control. A simplified four-wire plug-and-play design eliminates time-consuming wiring and system checking at installation. Visit