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The AHR Expo Post Review

March 1, 2010
There was excitement galore at the 2010 AHR Expo. With more than 1,800 exhibiting companies, it is no wonder attendees had a field day searching for new,

There was excitement galore at the 2010 AHR Expo. With more than 1,800 exhibiting companies, it is no wonder attendees had a field day searching for new, exciting products. This introductory, special post-AHR Expo section details high-quality products from some exceptional companies. If you missed them at the AHR Expo, here's your second chance.

Hart & Cooley

Hart & Cooley Inc. introduced the Smart Flow Elbow at the 2010 AHR Expo. Gary Fisher, vice president of sales, claims, “The New Smart Flow Elbow attracted a lot of attention and will certainly be one of the best new products for this year.” It is the latest energy-saving product to be offered under the Smart Air & Energy Solutions brand.

The patented Smart Flow Elbow forms a 90-degree elbow to provide better airflow and energy savings. Use of this durable elbow support decreases pressure drop by 500 percent over kinked flex duct, saving a significant amount of energy costs.

The Smart Flow Elbow is an economical alternative to the common practice of using galvanized steel elbows both in terms of material cost and labor savings.

The Smart Flow Elbow can be installed with any diameter of flexible duct, up to 16-in. in both new and retrofit situations, residential and commercial applications.


Grundfos Pumps received an Honorable Mention Innovation Award in the heating category, for the ALPHA, from the 2010 AHR Expo. The Innovation Awards are sponsored by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE); the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI); and International Exposition Company (IEC), producers and organizers of the AHR Expo. A panel of judges, made up of ASHRAE members selected for their exceptional knowledge of the industry and its products, evaluated all submissions. Product entries were judged for innovation, application, value to user and market impact.

ALPHA from Grundfos Pumps is an energy-optimized, 115-volt circulator featuring a permanent magnet motor design that cuts power consumption by a minimum of 50 percent, as compared to other circulators in its class.

Daikin AC

The Daikin Altherma is an alternative heating and domestic hot water solution that is three to five times more energy efficient than conventional fossil-fuel systems, sources say. The air-to-water heat pump system maximizes comfort and energy savings by capitalizing on Daikin's technological strengths. Additionally, Daikin Altherma features a space cooling ability not common with traditional systems.

The Daikin Altherma consists of two main components (outdoor unit and hydrobox) combined with optional accessories such as a water tank and solar thermal kit. For space heating, Daikin Altherma can be connected to low-temperature radiators, under floor heating or fan coil units. It is flexible and can be configured in many ways to suit customer requirements. Like all Daikin products, Daikin Altherma uses R-410A refrigerant.

LG Electronics

LG Electronics announced new initiatives and energy-efficient products designed to grow the company's U.S. commercial and residential HVACR business.

As a fairly new player in the U.S. HVACR market, LG Electronics began investing in this market over the past decade. Underscoring this commitment to the U.S. HVACR market, the company is introducing three new high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rated (SEER) models for commercial and commercial light applications.

The company's commercial air-conditioning group has grown significantly in the United States, with many new employees added to the organization over the past few months. LG air-conditioning systems are now installed in more than 40,000 residential and commercial properties in the nation. Anticipating growth, LG opened its first commercial air-conditioning training academy in December 2009 just outside of Atlanta, GA. Since then, the company has opened an additional facility in California to better serve its West Coast customer base; the company plans to open two other academies later this year.


Arkema has expanded its HFC refrigerant line to the HVACR industry with solutions for retrofitting R-22 systems using Forane® 427A and Forane® 407A refrigerant. Forane® 427A has nearly identical operating pressures and similar performance characteristics to HCFC-22 for use in a wide range of air-conditioning and refrigeration applications. New Forane® 407A refrigerant closely matches the cooling capacity and flow rates of R-22, which makes it suitable for retrofitting supermarket and food storage applications.

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AspenAir produces high-efficiency air filtration systems that fit into existing HVACR systems and remove 99% of RSPs down to 0.1 microns from indoor air. The patented products deliver 24,000 volts of safe cleaning power without sparking and arcing or harmful ozone. They’re quick and easy to install, simple to maintain, can be installed either in filter grille or furnace mount housings, come in many sizes, and significantly reduce home energy bills. In fact, the AspenAir whole-house EAC will pay for itself (due to energy savings) within two to three years. So if you’re serious about wanting to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home, while reducing energy bills and carbon footprint, AspenAir Inside is your best option.


Since 1965, TEMP-AIR Inc. has been a leading provider of temporary heating, cooling, dehumidifying and air filtration services. TEMP-AIR can offer a solution for every application, whether it be industrial, commercial, institutional, construction, planned or emergency.

Most of TEMP-AIR’s rental equipment is manufactured in our Burnsville, MN, corporate headquarters—home to sales, service, engineering, and research and design teams. With an additional 12 offices across the United States, service is available year-round and nationwide.

TEMP-AIR offers personalized, customized solutions to control your environment. More than 40 years of experience allows us to size and layout your project for maximum effectiveness. Part of our service includes accurate estimation of energy consumption which, combined with labor, is the largest cost for any temporary air management project. Through innovative engineering, TEMP-AIR is committed to providing its customers with the lowest overall cost for their projects.


Lau Industries unveiled five new environmentally responsible air-moving devices at AHR 2010.

Lau is a global leader in manufacturing air-moving components and fan systems in North America for the HVACR industry. The comany offers a diverse product line of residential and commercial heating/air-conditioning components and fan systems. Lau’s team of experienced engineers and technicians utilize state-of-the-art engineering tools and laboratory facilities to provide solutions for the most demanding customer applications. Areas of technical expertise include:


Emerson Climate Technologies launched a complete line of high efficiency, variable-speed, electronically controlled motor (ECM) solutions for residential and light commercial air-moving applications. These motors provide OEMs with a full range of ECM solutions, all featuring exceptional control, easy integration and long-term reliability, sources say.

The heart of the Emerson variable-speed solution is formed by five ECM motor products; each provides a unique set of features that allow OEMs to address a broad range of needs related to variable-speed technology:

  • UltraTech® Communicating Variable-Speed Blower Motor – As part of the UltraTech™ communicating system, the UltraTech Motor uses the ClimateTalk™ open communications protocol to provide easy setup, presice CFM control and advanced diagnostics.
  • 16X4W 16 Pin ECM Solution – This motor features a translator paired with the 4-wire motor platform, providing easy integration into 16 pin non-communicating variable speed systems.
  • SelecTech™ Indoor ECM Blower Motor – This five-speed motor has 24-volt programmable speed taps for easy integration into common blower and air handler systems.
  • SelecTech™ Outdoor ECM Condenser Fan Motor - This two-speed ECM motor is designed for high SEER A/C and heat pump systems with two 24-volt programmable speed taps.
  • RESCUE EcoTech® Retrofit ECM Blower Motor – The RESCUE EcoTech motor features a patented design that utilizes high-voltage taps to determine speed, allowing the motor to easily replace or upgrade PSC blower motors.


Daikin McQuay introduced the Pathfinder™ air-cooled chiller with a variable frequency drive (VFD) option on high- and premium-efficiency models. The new VFD option makes the Pathfinder the industry-leading model for part load efficiency and the quietest published performance—providing building owners optimum operating costs and comfort throughout the life of the chiller.

Chiller unit capacities range from 175 to 530 tons, with three levels of operating efficiency—standard, high and premium—the Daikin McQuay Pathfinder chiller allows building owners to specify an HVACR system that meets their requirements. The standard efficiency model meets ASHRAE 90.1 energy requirements, while the high and premium models have best-in-class efficiency, according to McQuay. The optional VFD provides cost savings at part load on the high and premium-efficiency models, with up to 19.4 EER IPLV for the premium efficiency unit.

The Pathfinder chiller reduces sound pressure levels by 6dBA, compared to previous models, and features sound pressure levels as low as 65 dBA, with no attenuation. Its quiet operation makes it suitable for sound-sensitive environments such as schools, churches and other facilities located in residential neighborhoods.


Multistack has added a new product offering in its Airstack product catalog. The Airstack ASP30X is already known for its single-point, microprocessor-based control system, built-in redundancy via independent refrigerant circuits, simple future expansion, low sound signature and critical cooling applications. For 2010, Multistack took all of the existing features and added microchannel heat exchangers that reduce the refrigerant charge by 35-40% to increase LEED contributions.


Modine Manufacturing Co. introduced the ValedictorianTM, its new under-the-window vertical unit ventilator. The unit is designed with the durability demanded in classroom environments and comes with features that teachers love, that operating costs administrators expect, and the ease of use and low maintenance that facility managers require, company sources say.

“Engineered specifically for classrooms, the Valedictorian gives users the features they need to reduce noise, improve efficiency and maintain the architectural integrity of existing space,” says Matt McBurney, director of Modine’s Commercial Products Group. “Like all Modine products, we’ve invested in the research and testing necessary to ensure that not only do users get the fresh and comfortable air they require, but that they get it in a low cost, attractive and easy-to-use package.”

The Valedictorian has been designed to deliver benefits that stand out in its field and offer the best options, accessories, reliability and efficiency for end-users.

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