Is Gratitude Part of Your Sales System?

Feb. 17, 2010
Without a doubt, life today flies by at record speed, and many of us get overwhelmed the month following the year-end holidays.

Without a doubt, life today flies by at record speed, and many of us get overwhelmed the month following the year-end holidays. I wonder how many people in sales have thought about the people who are at the center of the success they have achieved.

I know I recently have. Those thoughts of kindness by everyone who has helped me have really stirred some great emotions inside.

Not Everything Has to Be 2.0
The principle of giving thanks is nothing new, but it is always in style and appropriate. If you’re not sure whether someone merits thanks, then I would err on the side of doing it anyway. Here are some groups of people you could call to thank.

1. Clients – Of course, this is obvious, but as a twist, don’t just thank those who you like the most or who spent the most money. Why not call a few of the people who have rejected your proposals as well? Call a few of the problematic clients before they call you.

Why? Well, you could thank them for the lessons you learned as to why you did not sell them and let them know that the experience you gained in your service to them was valuable to you. Who knows, they may keep you in mind for the next project.

2. Competitors – Yes, pick up the phone or drop in to say thanks to them for providing you with the motivation to get up every day and try to outmaneuver them. Let them know you don’t take losing any jobs to them personally. In fact, let them know just how much more determined you have become to compete harder. Also let them know that you intend to outsell them in the future. This public proclamation will put the pressure on you and them and make this next year more fun than ever.

3. Your family – They are the ones who allow you to put in the long hours and late evenings in order to reach your goals. Let them know that you understand the price they have paid in terms of quality family time so that you could reach your dreams. In a quiet moment, talk to your wife and each child in your household, and let them know how much their support, patience and understanding have meant to you.

4. Anyone else – Randomly thank anyone you run into who you feel is performing a great service. Let the warehouse guy, the boss or the waitress know how lucky their companies are to have such great, dedicated people working for them. Also let them know that you personally feel honored to be serviced by them as well.

How do you do this? – Easy. Just pick up the phone or stop by and visit them personally and say this…
“I just wanted to call to let you know how fortunate I feel to have such a great (client – competitor – family member) like you. Not many people would (fill in the blank) like you have done for me. I just want you to know I am honored and thankful to have you as my (client – competitor – family member).

For your family and closest friends, tell them you give hugs, not handshakes, and then reach over and give them a big ole bear hug. Also remember that after the holidays are a great time to surprise the people you know that you may have forgotten about.

Well, enough talk. Get out there and get started. There is no shortage of people who help you every day. I know this is a lot of work, but believe me, it will be a labor of love.

By the way, thank you for reading this entire article of mine. I am obviously very fortunate to have you as an audience. Not a day goes by where I don’t feel grateful to have you reading, listening or watching my thoughts. See what I mean? Let the thanking start right now.

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