Leadership and Credibility

July 10, 2015
With leadership comes credibility.  No one wants to follow the lead of someone whose life lacks credibility and is not in sync.

When reflecting upon attributes that enhance opportunities for women in our HVACR industry, several things immediately come to mind: leadership and credibility.

With leadership comes credibility.  No one wants to follow the lead of someone whose life lacks credibility and is not in sync. In other words when your actions speak louder than your words, credibility is lost. Setting the example through solid leadership principles and being the first to accomplish the objectives that have been established garners immediate credibility and establishes a model that others will want to follow and emulate. Providing and modeling guiding principles ahead of all else set leaders apart. Leaders provide tangible evidence of their commitment and are visible models of behaviors that are expected. 

Ruth Ann Davis: success in sales and marketing is measured largely by how much you help others achieve their goals.

Occasionally leaders don't follow solid principles and fail to achieve the results they desire. Strong leaders are the first to admit their mistakes and maintain their credibility by sharing the problem and seeking suggestions from others.  By involving others you let them know you trust their judgment and value their input.  Quickly identifying and addressing any issue that contributed to the outcome, taking correction action, and developing a plan for future success creates forward mobility, growth and instills confidence.

The years of my career spent in sales and marketing have been the most rewarding. Success in sales and marketing is measured largely by how much you help others achieve their goals. Thus by helping others meet and exceed their goals, your success is enhanced. 

First and foremost the most vital key to success in sales and marketing is spending time face-to-face and listening to customers. This is how we find out what they really need and want!  By actively listening attentively, you will discover ways to positively deliver the results that customers are seeking. Often your creativity will be challenged as you navigate the path that will deliver mutually beneficial results.

Your customers will thank you and will remain loyal as long as you maintain your credibility. Good leaders stay in touch and thus sustain their credibility. When leaders uplift spirits and restore people’s belief in the future, they strengthen their own credibility. 

One effective form of communication that works for me is relating a similar situation or experience through storytelling. This is a way to teach others and communicate proven examples of overcoming situations and challenges where actions and accomplishments have resulted in surprising outcomes. The harder you have to work for a desired result, the sweeter the success. Ultimately, true success is when customers trust you with their business. This only occurs when you have earned their trust and you are a valuable partner in their business – contributing to their success (and yes, to their bottom line)! 

Our HVACR Industry needs leaders who demonstrate an enthusiastic and genuine belief in the capacity of others who strengthen the will, who supply the means to achieve, and who express optimism for the future. We want leaders who remain passionate despite obstacles and setbacks. 

In uncertain times, leaders with a positive, confident, can-do approach are desperately needed in business and in life. There has never been a more opportune time to get involved or to “step up” your involvement in our industry. We need your unique talents and attitude to make a difference not only in your life but also in the lives of those you come in contact with each day whether it is in person or through written or verbal communications. 

There are endless opportunities for you, whether it is through administration manufacturing, engineering, distribution, construction, contracting or service.

Wherever your interest and passion leads, our industry has a place to “reach for your star.” 

HVACR is rapidly changing through: advocacy, alternative fuels, building automation, controls, energy efficiency, information technology, product innovation, production processes, and smart communications. Make the decision today and begin your journey of a purpose-driven life. Passion and purpose will spur you to heights of your dreams and achievement of your clearly defined goals.

As the Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Institute’s (AHRI) recently adopted slogan states, “We Make Life Better.” Now is the time to get involved and improve your life both personally and professionally.

Women’s collaborative nature and leadership approaches add value to a company’s bottom line. Additionally their multi-tasking abilities especially provide an edge when competing for positions of leadership in a male-dominate industry.

In closing, there are three words that you may want to consider when mapping your next growth strategies, they are: choice, chances and change. 

You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change!

Hopefully, one of the choices you will make is to join Women in HVACR and begin making a difference and be a value proposition not only in your own life, but also in our HVACR Industry.

Ruth Ann Davis is President of Women in HVACR.