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Auto Dealer Prep Center Makes Employees Comfortable and Earns LEED Points

Spraying undercoating on hundreds of cars a day in the south Texas heat is enough to make anyone cranky. Making these employees comfortable — summer and winter — while earning LEED points, was the goal of an auto dealer prep center. This facility, which consists of six buildings and covers several acres, provides many auto prep services on new vehicles before they are transferred to dealerships across the country.

Several of the buildings received Reznor Model RDH split systems with matching condensing units — Model MASA. These units, which operate on R-410A refrigerant, helped this project qualify for a LEED Silver Level.

The undercoating area had more extreme requirements. It is arranged to have cars roll into the building so an employee in a pit can apply the undercoating. The employee must wear a respirator and protective clothing. Summertime in a pit in Texas under a car can be brutally hot.

The solution was to install a Reznor Model RDCB, part of the Modular Air Processing System (MAPS®III) line. This unit cools 100% outside air (with R-410A refrigerant) and supplies it from the ceiling above the cars to the undercoating area. A vent in the floor of the pit filters the air before it is exhausted back to the outdoors. Model RDCB also provides natural gas heating of 100% outside air in the winter to keep employees warm.

The local Reznor representative even helped in the specification process by using an exclusive software program to develop one line sizing for the application. He also made sure that the exhaust fan VFD is controlled by the Reznor MAPS unit to maintain a balanced air pressure inside the building.

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