Behler-Young Releases Training and Testing Schedule

Grand Rapids, MI — Behler-Young Co. has released its January-June 2007 schedule for HVAC training and NATE certification testing.

Training by Marcus “Butch” Metoyer, Jr., will cover a variety of topics, including heat pumps, oil burners, steam boilers, air conditioning, compressor diagnostics, basic electricity and EPA certification. Some of Metoyer's classes will qualify toward NATE recertification.

NATE testing will be conducted in March and April, and will be proctored by Larry Mullins and Gary Kaatz. The training and testing will be held at Behler-Young's New Hundson and Grand Rapids, MI, training centers, and the Lansing, MI, Conference Center.

For additional information, visit www.behler-young.com.

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