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BernzOmatic Joins Worthington Family of Products

Worthington is pleased to announce that BernzOmatic has joined the Worthington family of products, bringing together the industry's leading hand torches, cylinders and plumbing accessories. They are proud to continue BernzOmatic's long history of manufacturing innovative, quality products by offering an expanded line of products and the unmatched expertise, support and service of Worthington Cylinders.

BernzOmatic and Lenox products now available through Worthington Cylinders include:

  • hand-held torches and torch fuel
  • air acetylene torches, torch accessories and torch kits; air propane torches and accessories
  • torch accessories (regulators, tank carriers, hoses, tank handles, tank sleeves)
  • utility lighters, micro torches and butane fuel
  • solder, flux, brazing rods; brazing wire; Babbitt/pewter/tin industrial metals
  • plumbing brushes, pipe deburing tools, open mesh cloth and sand cloth; thermal shield gel; and plumber's bread

Customers and suppliers: All order, invoice and payment processes will remain unchanged during their integration transition. You will be notified when your records should be changed. BernzOmatic asks for your support during the transition and looks forward to providing you with the best service in the industry.

For complete product details, visit or

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