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Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems Designed to Withstand Harsh Coastal Elements

Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems Designed to Withstand Harsh Coastal Elements

Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems introduces its Evolution® series two-stage air conditioner and heat pump with CoastGuard protection, which provides durable heating and cooling solutions for homeowners living in coastal regions. These units are built to provide comfort and efficiency while enduring the harsh elements of a seacoast environment.

“After extensive testing and research on the effects of salt air and other corrosive materials, Bryant has developed an air conditioner and heat pump that can deliver lasting comfort and efficiency in coastal climates,” said Lisa Townley, brand manager, Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems. “The two-stage air conditioners and heat pumps with CoastGuard protection feature Bryant TuffCoat coils that last longer than standard coils in coastal conditions.”

Bryant CoastGuard products are designed to withstand coastal elements in three important ways:

  • DuraGuard Plus Protection.

  • TuffCoat Coated Coils.

  • Dual-Paint Coverage.

The two-stage air conditioner with CoastGuard protection achieves a cooling efficiency of up to 17 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), providing comfort and utility bill savings. This two-stage air conditioner, when installed with the optional Evolution® control and a compatible indoor unit, operates in low stage the majority of the time, providing a steady stream of cool, comfortable air, using less energy than high-stage cooling.

Achieving up to 16 SEER cooling efficiency and 9.5 Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) heating efficiency, the heat pump provides lasting comfort and efficiency. When paired with the optional Evolution control and a compatible indoor unit, this heat pump manages comfort better than standard single-stage heat pumps due to its two-stage operation capability. The CoastGuard heat pump operates mostly in low stage, so it can provide the comfort of steady airflow.

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