Carrier Enterprise Introduces TopTech Thermostats and Wireless Component Terminal Operator

Carrier Enterprise has introduced a full line of TopTech branded programmable and non-programmable thermostats and the innovative new TopTech Wireless Component Terminal Operator. TopTech is CE's line of private-label aftermarket parts and accessories. The TopTech thermostats are available in non-programmable, 5-day and 7-day programmable versions. Touchscreen versions are also available. The TopTech line of thermostats are a great value and feature the largest display for the price in the industry. The TopTech Wireless Component Terminal Operator (WCTO) is an innovative new product that allows bi-directional wireless communication between indoor and outdoor HVAC components.

Gene LaNois, director of Aftermarket for Carrier Enterprise, says, “Our TopTech WCTO is another innovation that CE is bringing to the HVAC contracting market. This product functionally replaces the 24 VAC control wiring and allows activation of an outdoor condenser or heat pump wirelessly when the thermostat calls. It is a perfect complement to our new TopTech thermostat line. Our new TopTech thermostats provide the largest display in the industry for the price, making it a great value. The TopTech thermostats also give our customers the flexibility and ease of use to make installations painless and the universal design (up to 3H/2C) and exclusive upgrade path allow a system to be upgraded without rewiring a sub-base.” LaNois continues, “We also offer our contractors the best private-label t-stat program in the industry with our exclusive badge system.”

For more information regarding the TopTech WCTO or TopTech line of thermostats, visit www.toptechparts.com.

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