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ClimateMaster Tranquility™ Series Now with Tin-Plated U-Bends

ClimateMaster announces that moving forward, all Tranquility™ Series geothermal heating and cooling packaged systems are now featuring tin-plated u-bends in their air-coils. This process will provide years of protection against coil corrosion from airborne chemicals resulting from modern building material outgassing and most air born environmental chemicals.

“We are excited about the opportunities we see with tin-plating. ClimateMaster is continually searching for ways to improve our products” states Tony Landers, Director of Marketing at ClimateMaster. “With the change to tin-plated u-bends in our coils, we believe this will enhance an already great product and increase the product service life for our customers.”

Modern home building materials such as counter tops, floor coverings, paints, and other materials can “out gas” chemicals into the building space air. Some of these chemicals are suspected of contributing to air-coil corrosion, i.e., formicary corrosion. To solve this issue, all Tranquility™ Series Packaged geothermal heating and cooling systems feature tin-plated u-bends in their air coils.

Tin-plated u-bends air-coils have a significantly longer life span than uncoated u-bends in coils, or air-coils using older coating technologies in 3rd party lab testing. ClimateMaster Ground Source Heat Pumps are backed by a Standard 10-year limited warranty on all parts with 5-year labor allowance; Optional additional extended 5-year limited labor allowance available.

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