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Mike Agugliaro partner of Gold Medal
<p>Mike Agugliaro, partner of Gold Medal, said a lot of homes couldn&rsquo;t handle last year&rsquo;s freezing temperatures.</p>

Cold Weather May Mean New HVAC Business

The weather is once again getting colder. Some have predicted it will soon be frigid across the country much like last year, when temperatures regularly crept under 0. What does this mean for contracting businesses?

On Contractor Magazine’s website, John Mesenbrink wrote that contractors could see business increase as the temperatures drop, as homeowners are now beginning to see the efficiency in updating their HVAC systems.

Mike Agugliaro, partner of Gold Medal, said a lot of homes couldn’t handle last year’s freezing temperatures, so they wanted a system that could save money and help their house become more efficient. While keeping new business as a priority is important, Agugliaro said employee safety must be a focus as well.

It’s important to ensure that all employees are safe and prepared for severe weather. Making sure vehicles are equipped to handle the severe conditions, and techs are properly attired to work in them, are important safety steps.

“You have to be ready for heavy call volumes and implement systems and procedures for days when bad weather comes in,” said Agugliaro.

Read more from Mesenbrink on how the weather could help HVAC business on Contractor Magazine’s website.

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